When Your UNIQUE Swimming Pool Includes a Spa An in-ground spa or a spa that is configured as part of your swimming pool is also covered under your homeowner’s policy to some extent. However, an above ground spa that is portable or self-contained is not real property. It would be covered under the personal property  Read More

Customized Looks Are A Huge Part Of The Latest UNIQUE Pool Trends Fun Features Are Important During your free consultation with a UNIQUE designer, don’t forget to ask about the hottest fun features that are available. With all of the natural stone in our desert environment, large stone grottos and water slides are a perfect  Read More

TOP 10 REASONS FOR A UNIQUE POOL  Waterproofing – Our pools & spas are made using high strength shotcrete with fiber mesh, which if cured properly, can achieve strengths of 6500PSI; but, concrete pools are not “waterproof” by nature. A large portion of pools built each year have small undetectable leaks that cause premature damage  Read More