In home pools, unintentional drowning incidents are rising. Are you aware that if you are in possession of an outdoor–or even an indoor pool on your property, you need a security alarm? If you don’t have an alarm, the probability of someone drowning inside your pool are about 20%. Though they are the most typical  Read More

Though current landscaping practices are tasteful and aesthetically pleasing, they are not always eco-friendly. You can save time and money, while protecting the environment, by using eco-conscious landscaping techniques. Some fundamental guidelines to environmentally friendly landscaping are avoiding unnecessary water consumption, limiting chemical use, and recycling yard trimmings. A different method of residential and large-scale  Read More

It takes years of practice and tons of trial-and-error in designing and building a water feature. Unique has our own waterfall specialists that can build freeform rock waterfalls to architectural columns with pots spilling water, or water sheers spilling into a pool. Unique can then match these features into your landscape design. While the space  Read More