Your Home Away From Home Once the concept of an island in your swimming pool has started to make sense, and even seem intriguing, your mind begins to wonder how this mini-island could be used. And one of the most common reasons to construct an island in your pool is to build a tiny home  Read More

Water Leaks Are Serious Damaged Pool Tile And Coping As you begin to notice cracks and chips in your pool coping, the lip of your pool deck, or your pool tile, it is time to think about a remodel before someone gets hurt. Even small imperfections in the coping and tile can result in cuts  Read More

When Your UNIQUE Swimming Pool Includes a Spa An in-ground spa or a spa that is configured as part of your swimming pool is also covered under your homeowner’s policy to some extent. However, an above ground spa that is portable or self-contained is not real property. It would be covered under the personal property  Read More