Custom coping and pavers can completely change the appearance of your pool. You don’t need a new pool to eliminate the dated look of your old pool, just a quality UNIQUE pool renovation.

Your UNIQUE swimming pool represents a significant financial investment and one that you want to enjoy for many, many years. But over time, the climate and daily use take a toll on your swimming pool and the equipment that you depend on to keep the water clean and bright. And because you see your pool daily, the slow process of change and deterioration can be easy to overlook. You jump in, and the water still feels cool and refreshing, so you continue to think that everything is functioning at its peak. However, there are some subtle signs that it is time to call 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation with a UNIQUE swimming pool remodel specialist. Or you can CLICK HERE to complete an online request.

Water Leaks Are Serious

Adding a fire and water feature during a pool renovation will completely change the look of your pool and provide the perfect new focal point for your outdoor living space.

Even a small water leak in your pool can cause serious damage to the shell of your pool, home, and landscape. Experts agree that the most common location for a swimming pool leak is at one of the glued fittings, such as the piping for the skimmer, return jets, main drain, or the lighting fixture. And in addition to the potential water damage, the waste of water in the desert is an entirely unnecessary expense. If you think that you might have a water leak in your pool or its components, call a leak detection company to determine if there is a leak and its location.

Damaged Pool Tile And Coping

This pool coping, decking and interior are all showing their age making this pool a perfect candidate for a UNIQUE swimming pool remodel.

As you begin to notice cracks and chips in your pool coping, the lip of your pool deck, or your pool tile, it is time to think about a remodel before someone gets hurt. Even small imperfections in the coping and tile can result in cuts as swimmers enter or exit your pool. Also, be aware that the pool coping is there to keep water from splashing behind the concrete shell of your pool and causing damage. So even a small crack that you don’t think is a danger to bare feet could be allowing water to damage your pool shell.

Pool Equipment Issues

During the renovation process it might appear that your pool is being completely destroyed, but that is not the case. The UNIQUE pros carefully remove the old coping, decking and tile to make way for the new upgrades.

If you have noticed that your pool equipment is noticeably louder than it once was, or that the filtration of your pool water doesn’t seem to keep the water crystal clear, then it is time to call 480-969-1911 to speak to a swimming pool remodel specialist. While you might think that you can live with a noisy pool pump for a while before making the call to schedule a renovation consultation, remember that a noisy pump could fail at any time. And when that happens, your pool water will become green in a very short time. Your most cost-effective course of action is to address any pool equipment issue quickly. This fast action will avoid imbalanced water and the need to pump out your pool or use massive amounts of chemicals to rebalance the water.

Potential Swimming Pool Renovations To Consider

Once the renovation is completed you will wonder why you waited so long to call UNIQUE to schedule your pool renovation. Clearly, these changes have made a significant impact on the pools function and visual appeal.

When you notice one of the issues listed above, you should also consider any other changes or renovations that you might want to include in your project. You know that your pool will not be useable for several days during the renovation, so why not make the most of the time and consider adding some new features? Remodel options include:

  • Increasing or decreasing the size of your swimming pool
  • Changing the shape of the pool
  • Adding a fire feature, water feature or both
  • Installing an outdoor kitchen
  • Adding a shade structure near your pool
  • Adding a spa to your pool
  • Increasing your pool decking
  • Upgrading your pool decking
  • Adding a putting green
  • Updating your pool lighting
  • Installing new pool coping and tile
  • Updating your pool interior
  • Updating your pool equipment
  • Adding remote control features to your pool equipment and other outdoor living features

To learn more about the most popular swimming pool remodel features call 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation with a UNIQUE swimming pool remodel specialist, or CLICK HERE to complete the online form. At UNIQUE, we offer all of the outdoor services that you need to renovate your UNIQUE swimming pool, outdoor living area, and your landscape. We are the one-stop for all of your outdoor needs.