When Your UNIQUE Swimming Pool Includes a Spa An in-ground spa or a spa that is configured as part of your swimming pool is also covered under your homeowner’s policy to some extent. However, an above ground spa that is portable or self-contained is not real property. It would be covered under the personal property  Read More

Proper pH Is Critical For Your UNIQUE Swimming Pool Proper pH = Less Chlorine When you have achieved the proper pH level in your pool, you are rewarded by being able to reduce your chlorine use for the winter. This is because sunlight is the number one nemesis of chlorine. The intense summer sun quickly  Read More

Most pool owners want to slide into their Arizona pool and experience some cool and refreshing water, not the feel of slipping into an oversized hot tub. However, when the air temperature is continually reaching 100 plus with full sun, it can be challenging to keep the water temperature comfortably below the air temp. While  Read More