Even in the cooler months of the year, it is important to maintain your pool water properly, the water should always be clear and beautiful.

Even though the Phoenix area boasts mild winters, residents are not often interested in using their swimming pool unless it is heated. So for the majority of the pool owners in the city, the pool is “shut down” for the season. This process is not the same as shutting down for the winter if you live in a colder climate, here we don’t drain our pools and winterize, we just don’t swim in them when the water is frigid. But there are a few things that pool owners need to know about proper winter maintenance and care of their swimming pool to avoid damage to the pool equipment, interior and to avoid a huge mess when spring arrives. If you are concerned about tacking this project yourself, a call to 480-969-1911 will put you in touch with a UNIQUE team member who can assist you in signing up for our professional weekly or bi-weekly pool service.

Even during the winter months, when no one is using the swimming pool, it is essential to keep the water balanced and the pool water clean. This means that you cannot take a break from testing your pool water, emptying the leaf baskets, and brushing the walls and floor of the pool. In most cases, you can decrease the run time on your pool pump, but it still needs to run each day to remove particles and debris from the water and to skim larger items like leaves from the pool.

Proper pH Is Critical For Your UNIQUE Swimming Pool

When you are not swimming on a daily basis, it can be difficult to remember to check your pool baskets and filter for leaves. But allowing leaves and debris to build up is a sure way to encounter algae growth.

Most homeowners think about water clarity and sanitation only in terms of eliminating potential health hazards for swimmers. But balanced water is also vital to the health and well-being of your swimming pool itself. Even in the wintertime, the water should be tested and balanced each week. Waiting longer between tests can make it more challenging to adjust the water and maintain it at acceptable levels. If you let the pH get too far from the recommended level, you will notice that your pool is prone to stains. This leads to more work for you brushing and vacuuming as well as the onset of an algae invasion.

Proper pH = Less Chlorine

Running your pool filter and water falls between 2 am and 6 am during the winter is a good way to avoid frozen pipes.

When you have achieved the proper pH level in your pool, you are rewarded by being able to reduce your chlorine use for the winter. This is because sunlight is the number one nemesis of chlorine. The intense summer sun quickly depletes the chlorine in your pool. As you might expect, the less direct sun in the winter is not as damaging to the chlorine in the pool water. The result is less chemical being added to maintain clear pool water.

Watch The Thermometer!

Remember, the piping for deck jets is also prone to freezing on colder nights. Proactively turning these jets on when the temps dip below freezing is a very smart choice.

Although it is not common to experience a hard freeze in Phoenix, there are some nights when the temps drop down to near or slightly below freezing. To protect your pool pump and piping, it is best to have your pump scheduled to run from about 2 am to 6 am each day. This is routinely the coldest time of the night. The moving water will keep the pipes and pump from freezing and damage. In addition, this 4-hour cycle should be a sufficient run time for your filtration needs.

Be Mindful Of Heavy Rain

If your schedule is too hectic to properly maintain your pool this winter, call 480-969-1911 to schedule service from the trained professionals at UNIQUE POOL SERVICE.

If your yard does not drain well, be mindful of standing water. You never want to allow your pool pump to run if it is in a flooded area. This can result in the water splashing into the pump and causing it to short out. If you are at all concerned about your pump and equipment area flooding during a torrential downpour, turn off the circuit breaker until the area has drained or dried out naturally to avoid any potential for damage to your pump and other vital pool equipment. Also, if heavy rain has flooded your pool, be sure to pump out enough water to return the water surface to its normal level to avoid damage to your pool shell and pool decking.

A Simple Solution To Wintertime Pool Maintenance Woes

If you are not able to dedicate the time necessary to proper pool care over the winter or don’t want to spend the time, a call to 480-969-1911 is a simple solution! A UNIQUE swimming pool service professional will maintain the water chemistry on a weekly basis, while also keeping up with the cleaning chores. Your UNIQUE swimming pool represents a substantial financial investment and an essential part of your outdoor living space and enjoyment each summer. Protect your pool with the professional care from the same skilled team that built your pool. Call the UNIQUE pool care pros today and know that your pool will be in perfect condition in the spring when you are ready for your first swim of 2020!