UNIQUE is proud to offer to our client’s access to multiple financing programs through Paramount Capital, which is a free service, to help our customers find the best financing solution for their individual need and goals. It is easy, it is fast and it is a convenient process for our clients to get competitive financing for both pool and landscape projects through our ONLINE pre-application and preferred lending programs. Typically, our lenders can get UNIQUE clients anywhere from $1,000 to $100,000 based on customer qualification. While equity loans can be a great solution for financing, many lenders are now offering UN-SECURED lending programs, where EQUITY IS NOT REQUIRED. Unsecured loan programs offer terms from 3 years to 12 years, all offer fixed rates, there are no prepayment penalties and in some cases there are niche programs available, such as a special military program which can extend out to 15 years or a professional’s program for doctors, dentists, lawyers, CPA’s which offer go up to $150,000.


  • Financing is subject to customer qualification and the customer meeting the lenders’ guidelines.
    · Financing varies and is not guaranteed, nor are the rates, vendors, programs, or special offers.
    · Lenders generally require UNIQUE to provide some sort of estimate, contract or agreement.
    · Most financing is un-secured, and can be approved within a week or sometimes even in just days.
    · Financing is not offered directly by UNIQUE Companies but rather partnered lenders through Paramount Capital.
    · UNIQUE is not responsible for lost financing, unapproved applications or any issues resulting from financing.


  • Fill out the information below and click submit
    · You will be directed to our online pre-application
    · Fill out the online pre-application as accurately as possible
    · Have your UNIQUE estimate available – and let us know how much you are looking to finance
    · Paramount Capital will contact you within 24 hours to go over the different lender programs and parameters.
    · Let’s get started on your project


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