A well-designed and professionally installed outdoor lighting system can be one of the best investments on your entire landscape and pool project.

Due to the extreme heat in the Phoenix area most of the year, a great deal of outdoor entertaining begins in the later afternoon and carries on well into the night. But as the sun sets, your beautiful landscape also begins to fade into the darkness. Without a professionally designed and installed lighting system, all of the natural beauty and usefulness of your outdoor living space is lost.

Your outdoor living space and landscape become twice as enjoyable with the installation of high-quality lighting. Now as the sun fades, your lighting system takes over and enhances the beauty of your yard while also adding to the safety and security of the space. Guests can clearly see steps, pathways, and surface transitions as well as the lush beauty of the space that you have created.

The “UNIQUE” difference- After many years of perfecting our designs, we have determined the best methods of installing fixtures to provide the greatest impact and enhancement of your landscape at night. We use only the best quality lighting fixtures, most of which offer a 10-year warranty, and follow strict design standards to ensure that your lighting system lasts for many years.

Question: Isn’t a lighting system just a wire running around the backyard with those lights pressed into the wire?

Answer: Absolutely not! Backyard landscape lighting design has become a science. Lighting systems are laid out, and professionally designed in exactly the same manner as the wiring inside your home. There is a complex system of wires that can each support only a certain number of watts to ensure clear and consistent light. We begin with a high-quality outdoor lighting transformer, which is the power source for the entire system. This is a critical component of your lighting system and a good place to commit to an investment in a professional quality piece of equipment. Next, the designer zones the lights, just as is done inside your home. We group light clusters into zones which include anywhere from 3 to 6 lights, and run an individual wire to each zone. Finally, the lights are installed with waterproof landscape lighting wire splices which protect the electrical connections from dirt and water. This is a critical step to reducing potential corrosion loss of conductivity and the degradation of your lighting system. The result of this careful planning and installation is a lighting system that will last a lifetime, just like all of our Unique Companies outdoor lighting systems in AZ.

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