Chris Griffin, EIT, IWI, has always been driven to reach the highest level at everything he does from playing in the NFL to building the Unique Companies. Chris’s dedication to customer service and innate grasp of construction principles, thanks to his degree in engineering, allowed him to create a single company that is fully licensed as a general contractor, landscape contractor, and swimming pool contractor. This Unique combination is the only way for Chris to provide clients with a cohesive outdoor living space that offers the same function and flow they enjoy indoors.

In the landscape industry since 1998, Chris is determined to continue to grow as a designer and a business professional. Achieving certifications and working with the latest technology lets Chris introduce his clients to cutting-edge features for their outdoor living space and explain not only how the features are installed and how they function but also how they can enhance the enjoyment of each finished project.

Certifications and Licenses

  • 1997 Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of New Mexico
  • 1997 EIT Certification for New Engineers
  • 2003  Arizona Registrar of Contractors Landscape Contractor License
  • 2003 Arizona Registrar of Contractors Swimming Pool Contractor License
  • 2003 Arizona Registrar of Contractors General Contractor License
  • 2010 International Concrete and Paver Institute Certification
  • 2011 Appointed to PACE Paramount Advisory Committee
  • 2012 Appointed to Arthritis Foundation Board of Directors Arizona Chapter
  • 2016 Appointed to the Fiesta Bowl Committee – Futures
  • Certified and Registered Genesis Watershape Designer
    • 2015 Advanced Fluid Engineering Certification Genesis University
    • 2016 Elements of Design Certification Genesis University
    • 2016 The Language of Organic Architecture Certification Genesis University
    • 2016 Basic Perspective Drawing Certification Genesis University
    • 2016 Color Theory and Its Application Certification Genesis University
    • 2016 Basic Pool Construction Certification Genesis University
    • Certified IWI – Internation Watershape Institute 2020 to current

Chris’s ability to provide his clients with the latest in outdoor living space design can only be achieved because of his ongoing commitment to continued education, his desire to refine and improve construction processes, and his understanding of structural integrity to ensure a safe finished product for each of his clients.  The added value that Chris’s design and engineering expertise brings to the Unique Companies allows him to create outdoor living spaces that function as an extension of your home and to increase your enjoyment of the Arizona lifestyle.

Chris’s Personal Achievements

In addition to balancing the demands of running a thriving landscape and pool business, Chris has found a way to balance his work responsibilities with his greatest passion, his family. He was often found at football practices where he coached his sons’ teams or with his daughter’s soccer team where he filmed their games. Time with his children used to be spent swimming, camping, playing video games, reading, or simply enjoying that special father-daughter time, and as he grows older has evolved into some special relationships he has with each of them.  The value of giving back to the community is also a lesson that Chris believes is important to impart on his children. Chris also participates in and has served as chairman of the annual Walk to Cure Arthritis @ the Phoenix Zoo to raise funds for the battle against juvenile arthritis, which is a cause near to his heart. His leadership of this event has brought him national recognition. Chris’s continued commitment to meeting the needs of his family, his company, and his clients is evident when you review his accomplishments and ongoing education.

At the age of 12, Chris Griffin already had a strong work ethic. He was pushing a lawn mower around his neighborhood in Oklahoma City to earn extra money. Even before his teenage years, Chris understood that his hard work was the key to achieving his goals in all aspects of his life. It was that same dedication and hard work that secured Chris a place on the roster of the University of New Mexico football team where he played all four years of his collegiate career and amassed an impressive career average of 13.4 yards per reception and over 4 yards per carry. This contribution to the team and his leadership abilities earned Chris the role of team Captain during his senior season.

After graduating with a BS in Civil Engineering, Chris followed his dream to the NFL where he was drafted in the 6th round as the 173rd overall pick by the New England Patriots. Chris also played for the Jacksonville Jaguars before retiring and returning to New Mexico to open his first landscape company which he rapidly grew to a staff of over 50. But his eyes were still scanning the horizon for his next challenge which was found in 2001. Ever the visionary, Chris recognized the immense potential for growth in the Phoenix market and chose to relocate to the valley. This early insight allowed Chris to build the foundation for what is now one of the top 3 landscape and pool companies in the state according to AZ Business Magazine.

Chris’s unique combination of vision, a strong work ethic, and dedication to his customers has propelled him to a leadership role in the landscape and pool industry. His list of certifications, degrees, and licenses clearly defines his knowledge of the industry and his commitment to continuing his own education to keep himself and his business on the cutting edge of the industry. But there is more to Chris Griffin than his lifetime of achievements on the football field and in the business world.

Clearly, Chris’s greatest accomplishment and joy comes from his family. As a father of 4, Chris dedicates much of his free time to activities with his children. He has coached his son’s flag & tackle football teams and films all of his daughter’s soccer games. In addition, he can often be found swimming, camping, or playing video games with one or all of his children.

Another very important commitment that Chris has chosen to make is one that benefits children across the world who are facing juvenile arthritis. As the parents of Ella, who was diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis at the age of five, Chris and his wife Jill have become champions for the Arthritis Foundation. Chris sits on the Board of Directors for the Arizona Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation as well as dedicated his time to being a Corporate Chair for the Walk to Cure Arthritis in 2016, 2017, and 2018. With Chris’s leadership and motivation, Team Griffin has been honored as a Top Fundraiser in 2015, 2016, and 2017. “I can’t fight the disease for her, she’s a very strong little girl – but I can help her by raising money for the Arthritis Foundation, which helps to bring awareness that Kids Get Arthritis Too!  And ultimately we will find a cure! ” Chris stated. And he is certainly committed to going above and beyond his promise to help not only Ella but every child who is suffering from the pain of this disease.

If Chris’s past accomplishments are any indication of the success he will achieve working with the Arthritis Foundation, then a cure is certain to be on the horizon! And Chris and the entire Griffin family will have provided the strength, support, and dedication that was needed to find it.

It is not often that you meet a person who has set goals as lofty as reaching the NFL and owning a business that literally sets the standard for excellence in an industry and then achieves them. But then to learn that this person is even more dedicated to finding a cure to spare millions of children’s pain and to being a good father and role model to his children is even more unique. But that really is Chris Griffin, the man behind the Unique Companies and so much more to so many people.