One of the largest investments most homeowners make in their outdoor living space is the addition of patio square footage. There are many different materials to choose from and many of these materials are made locally for shipment throughout the country. The newest trend in Arizona patios is certainly the use of travertine pavers. Other popular surfaces to consider are natural flagstone and concrete. The Unique design team can provide expert advice and design ideas while the Unique installation team uses their years of experience and expertise to achieve a perfect installation of any surface that you choose for your patio.

Concrete is by far the most basic and common material used for patios in Arizona. This is the standard surface installed by many builders. Pavers are another very common patio surface but they can have a few drawbacks the biggest of which is the fact that pavers get very hot in the Phoenix climate. If you have always loved the look of pavers but would like a cooler surface then you will want to explore the option of travertine pavers. This surface not only provides the interest and color variation of standard pavers but it is also much cooler. This is one of the biggest reasons for the popularity of this relatively new innovation. If you are searching for that perfect combination of upscale look, durability, and function, look no further than the travertine paver selection offered by Unique Companies.

The Basics

Concrete and paver patios have become the standard fare for the average outdoor living space in Phoenix. The cost of pavers is at an all-time low which makes that surface a very popular choice. When installed using the proper method, pavers do not shift, settle or crack. This makes pavers a good long term choice for a basic patio plan. But you will want to be certain that your contractor understands the correct methods of paver installation. Check out one of the largest paver suppliers / dealers on their installation methods.


Because patio space is such an important facet of the Arizona outdoor lifestyle, most homeowners want to be sure that their patio and outdoor living spaces are as Unique and spectacularly designed as the inside of their home. Flagstone and Travertine are great choices to add that custom stone impact to your patio and landscape. There are a wide variety of colors to choose from and natural stone is the perfect complement to stained concrete. Combining these two surfaces will take your outdoor living space to the next level.

The Premium Plan

There are many additions and features that can transform your landscape and patio design from a very nice design to one that is completely custom and stunning. Including decorative curves and custom mosaics to your patio will add a level of interest and detail which will set it apart from any other patio ever built. Precision cut Arizona flagstone is also a great selection for a premium patio project. Large Versailles pattern Travertine pavers will create one of the most elegant patios surfaces and will provide breath taking impact for your outdoor living space. Cantera Stone patios add an old world charm, but that also comes at a premium price point. Regardless of the material, you should be prepared to properly maintain your patio surface to ensure a lifetime of enjoyment and beauty. Unique recommends a professional grade sealant to protect your investment in your outdoor living space and particularly your patio.

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