Water features and waterfalls are the ultimate focal points for any pool. Crafting and designing these stunning features takes years of practice, as well as plenty of trial and error. Fortunately, Unique boasts its own team of waterfall specialists who have mastered the art of creating everything from freeform rock waterfalls to architecturally-inspired columns with spilling pots and water sheers. Their wealth of experience in the construction of water features, coupled with Chris Griffin’s engineering degree, means that Unique customers can always expect awe-inspiring, one-of-a-kind creations. No matter how ambitious your vision, the Unique team can engineer and construct the perfect feature, incorporating it seamlessly into your landscape design.

Of course, not all pool companies in Arizona can guarantee such high-quality, custom-built waterfalls and water features. In fact, many of these companies will simply subcontract the work to various third-party plumbers, masons, and laborers. But Unique is different – we pride ourselves on constructing every aspect of our water features and waterfalls in-house, using only the most skilled craftsmen for each and every pool project.

Our team of swimming pool and spa designers, for instance, boasts almost two decades of experience designing pools and water features. This vast wealth of experience and creativity allows them to create some of the most original and impressive waterfalls in the industry. From natural boulder waterfalls to foaming fountains and sheer descents, our portfolio of water features is unmatched. We’re just as comfortable crafting massive artificial rock waterfalls, grottos, and slides as we are designing more modest, minimalist water features.

Whether you have a specific vision in mind for your next swimming pool waterfall or water feature, or you’re looking for a collaborative partner who can help you bring your dream to life, Unique has the experience, skill, and creativity to get the job done. Contact us today to learn more about our approach to crafting custom water features that will transform your pool and landscape design

Waterfalls and Grottos

Most popular with freeform and lagoon-style pools, waterfalls can be constructed of a variety of stone and stone-look materials

Sheer Descents

Sheer descents are water features that gently pour into the pool from pool or spa walls and come in

Pool LED Lighting

The use of LED lighting in your backyard poolscape adds a whole new dimension to the look you’re


Bubblers are playful, gurgling fountains usually placed on steps or a tanning ledge that splash up from under the water.

Raised Spa

A raised spa not only makes easier access to the spa, but adds a luxury element to your backyard.

Swim-up Bars

Swim-up bars are a great way to bring the fun of having a cocktail or food served to you in the pool,

Deck Jets & Laminars

Deck Jets use air to shoot streams of water from the deck into the pool. Laminars arc across the swimming pool for an elegant

Tanning Ledge

Tanning Ledge, commonly called a sunshelf or baja bench; a flat ledge typically located at the entrance

Fire Features

Adding fire features to your pool creates a beautiful and dramatic ambiance. Watch the dancing

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