Your excitement really begins to build as the shape and size of your pool becomes clear. You see the outline here and can picture yourself enjoying this refreshing oasis as soon as it is completed.

Designing your new UNIQUE swimming pool is just the beginning of an exciting process that will provide fun and relaxation for decades. And because you are focused on getting every detail just perfect, it is easy to forget some of the more mundane tasks that you should include in your UNIQUE pool building experience. The excitement of this moment can be quickly ruined if you have forgotten to contact your homeowner’s insurance company to update your policy.

Don’t just assume that because you have a policy that covers your house and property, that your new UNIQUE swimming pool will have complete coverage. In general, you might have some coverage from events or natural occurrences that are included in your policy. These might consist of hail, fire, explosion, lightning strike, vandalism, or even a vehicle collision. When your UNIQUE swimming pool is built underground, it becomes part of the real property. That means that it can be covered as a detached structure on the property or as part of your dwelling. In most cases, your homeowner’s insurance will not cover any damage caused by wear and tear, neglect, freezing, or an earthquake.

When Your UNIQUE Swimming Pool Includes a Spa

Be sure that you protect both your pool and spa with complete insurance coverage. You never know what will happen but full coverage will provide you with peace of mind in the event of any damage.

An in-ground spa or a spa that is configured as part of your swimming pool is also covered under your homeowner’s policy to some extent. However, an above ground spa that is portable or self-contained is not real property. It would be covered under the personal property section of your homeowner’s insurance policy. HOWEVER, IT IS CRITICAL TO UNDERSTAND THAT ALL INSURANCE POLICIES ARE UNIQUE AND THAT YOU SHOULD SPEAK TO YOUR INSURANCE AGENT TO DETERMINE EXACTLY WHAT YOUR POLICY DOES AND DOES NOT COVER.

Understanding Liability Coverage For Your New UNIQUE Swimming Pool

The view fence around this magnificent pool and spa combination provides adequate safety to meet local building code without blocking the view of the natural backdrop of the mountain.

You have liability coverage for your home in case someone slips and falls on your sidewalk, driveway, or somewhere else on the property. This basic coverage would also pay a portion of the medical bills if someone were to slip and fall on your pool deck. But the key here is that the dollar amount of this coverage might be limited. There are some limitations to what most insurance companies will cover. Commonly, you cannot have a basic insurance policy if you include a diving board or slide in your pool build. Also, your insurance company will require fencing to be installed around the pool as an added level of barrier protection. These rules are usually the same as you will encounter in most municipalities in the Phoenix area. But it is a good idea to double-check them to remain in compliance with both local code and your insurance provider. At the UNIQUE Companies, our team members remain well informed about the safety requirements and construction code for each municipality where we are building custom pools and spas. Your UNIQUE sales pro will be able to explain what is required for your area and your options for additional safety features. Special child safety locks on doors, windows, and gates are just the beginning. And we will be glad to work with you to determine the level of safety that you are most comfortable with for your home. BUT, please remember that there is no substitute for diligent adult supervision when friends and family are enjoying your UNIQUE pool and spa. 

Don’t Let Your New UNIQUE Swimming Pool Become An Issue

Even a large privacy wall can almost disappear when it is covered by beautiful plant material and foliage. Safety is always your first priority, but beauty can be a close second.

Swimming pools are widespread in Arizona and are easy to add to your homeowner’s insurance policy. There could be a slight increase in your insurance premium, but nothing too outrageous. Your priority should focus on protecting your new UNIQUE pool, and features in the event of an accident or act of God. Also, you always want to error on the side of caution. Be sure that you have adequate insurance to protect you if a guest or loved one is accidentally injured while enjoying your new swimming pool. It is a straightforward process, but one that is easy to overlook during the excitement of building your new pool. So shoot an email to your insurance agent or make a quick call to add this feature to your policy and then know that you and your loved ones are protected. With this task completed, you will be ready to jump in and relax in your new UNIQUE swimming pool as soon as we complete the build. Check out the UNIQUE Pool Service options so you never need to worry about cleaning or water chemistry. You can just have fun with family and friends.