This lazy river offers more features than most 5 star resorts and the homeowners never need to wait in line for anything!

How many times have you visited a resort or amusement park just because your family loves the lazy river? This is one of the few swimming pool features that appeal to everyone in the family. Kids can ride around on inflatable rafts, play with a beach ball, and jump in and out of the water all day long. No one is ever complaining of being bored when there is a lazy river to enjoy. And parents love that they can kick back and float along without any effort. But did you ever think that you could have all of this fun in your own backyard?

UNIQUE Can Make It Happen!

Adding a private island to your lazy river is a great way to add to the fun and function of this completely custom feature. Spas, fire pits, putting greens and outdoor kitchens are just the beginning of what you can include on your UNIQUE island.

The answer is that you certainly can have your own UNIQUE lazy river! All you need to do is call 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation with a UNIQUE designer. And the best part is that there are no lines waiting for a floaty, no traffic jams at the steps or snack bar, and you can float around as long as you would like to in the privacy of your own backyard. And don’t forget that you will be the coolest parents in Phoenix when your kids find out that you are having UNIQUE install a custom lazy river at your home.

Why Choose A UNIQUE Lazy River?

What could be better than floating under water jets to cool off in the heat of a Phoenix summer? Maybe stopping off at the outdoor kitchen for a refreshing cold drink.

You might be wondering why lazy rivers have not been built in every backyard in the valley because everyone loves this fun feature. But the simple answer is that not all pool builders are qualified to build a lazy river. While the construction of the shell is much like constructing a huge swimming pool, the plumbing for a quality lazy river is much more complicated than a swimming pool. There are pages of calculations and formulas that are used to determine the correct sizing of the piping and pump system. Completing these detailed computations requires a vast background in hydraulics and engineering. And fortunately, UNIQUE is owned and operated by Chris Griffin, a civil engineer with over two decades of experience. Every pool and lazy river built by the UNIQUE craftsmen is first engineered by Mr. Griffin. So you know that when your lazy river is completed, there will be no issues getting that custom river moving as rapidly or sedately as you would like.

More Bells And Whistles

Every seat around this lazy river could be considered the best seat in the house. From the intimate bistro seating to the luxurious spa located on the private island, every location offers spectacular views of the yard and relaxation.

Now that you know you can own your very own lazy river, you should also think about some of the other bells and whistles that UNIQUE offers to customize your project. You are certainly going to want to have some beautiful scenery to look at as you journey around your river. So, be sure to think about your landscape and the view as you float along on a hot summer day. And when it gets really stifling, wouldn’t it be great to cool off by floating under a few water jets. These jets can be located around the perimeter of your river to provide added cooling and fun when you choose to turn them on. And finally, if you own a river, why not include a private island in your outdoor oasis? UNIQUE often includes an island that can house a small shade structure, panel of artificial turf, or even a spa with the best view in the city. Ask your UNIQUE designer about added features to consider when designing your private lazy river. Click here to complete our free consultation request or call us at 480-969-1911 to begin designing your custom lazy river.