Now that autumn has gone by and winter is in full swing in Arizona you’re beginning to anticipate those milder temperatures that are headed in our direction in February and March. Starting the planning of the landscaping begins in these more temperate climates before the temperatures begin to kick up to the mid-nineties. Before starting  Read More

Everyone has a tendency to think of the desert areas including the area surrounding Phoenix, Arizona to be hot. Not only is it hot, the Phoenix, Arizona area is quite arid and lacks the humidity of a lot of other areas. Actually, the desert can be, and often is very cold. The region needs to  Read More

One thing which we love best concerning the Arizona environment is the aridity and the heat. If you live in Arizona though, and particularly the lower areas of the state, there are a few down sides that we have to deal with. Pests love the arid climate, plus the most bothersome of those pests is  Read More