Now that autumn has gone by and winter is in full swing in Arizona you’re beginning to anticipate those milder temperatures that are headed in our direction in February and March. Starting the planning of the landscaping begins in these more temperate climates before the temperatures begin to kick up to the mid-nineties. Before starting to order those landscaping plants and to begin too many new projects you’ll want to have a long look at everything you are able to do during different times of the year in Arizona and climates similar to it.

You are going to need to start your early spring and summer projects during late winter and early spring. Also, begin looking at projects that will bear fruit during the later summer and fall. This is the perfect time for you to think about plants and planting that will be flowering and offering their best look months away from now during the late fall of the coming year.

Surprisingly, the coming 2-3 months are the best time for you to be thinking about, ordering as well as planting things that are not going to really show up until August or September. If you wish to have blossoms in the fall months, ordering them now and getting the beds ready, then planting in March is the best time to be accomplishing these matters if you live within a more arid climate like Arizona. So that they’re in the soil long enough prior to blooming in the fall, you must plant them early in the spring.

Some trees or flowering shrubs like the Arizona yellowbells or African sumac should also be looked at as inclusions in your planting plans. If you plant those in the early portions of the springtime while there’s no danger of frost, they will have enough time to really set their roots well and to get better setup prior to the high heat of the summertime as well as the cool winter temperatures so they’re going to avoid damage.

In addition to ordering bulbs and various items this time of the year and planning your beds for springtime planting, you’ll want to start your cacti inside if you are intending on adding new succulents in your garden this coming year. The cacti or succulents can be a very brilliant addition to a desert garden and offer a great way to give blooms while saving water and avoiding using plants which are not native to the desert area. Even within the desert areas, there are garden chores to do in the late winter and early spring. Make sure that you’re doing what you ought to, or ordering those things that you’re going to want to add to your summer and fall garden, now and during the next couple of months so your garden is really a blaze of color during the late summer and early fall.