Customized Looks Are A Huge Part Of The Latest UNIQUE Pool Trends Fun Features Are Important During your free consultation with a UNIQUE designer, don’t forget to ask about the hottest fun features that are available. With all of the natural stone in our desert environment, large stone grottos and water slides are a perfect  Read More

Swimming Provides  Rehabilitation After Injuries Swimming Burns Calories Quickly If you are looking for a low impact way to burn calories then swimming is your solution. To put it into perspective, a 160 pound person burns over 420 calories swimming for an hour. That same person would only burn about 300 calories walking for the  Read More

You’ve finally decided it’s time to revamp your back yard, front yard or maybe even both.  Thinking of adding a pool? Maybe you have an old pool that needs a facelift?  Where do you begin? Meeting with a professional landscape designer, pool designer or landscape architect to help you out with your project is the  Read More