Pool and spa combinations, water slides, and grottos are just a few of the latest trends in UNIQUE swimming pools.

After making the decision that you have lived in Phoenix long enough without a swimming pool, you might be a little overwhelmed by all of the choices you have. All that you really know is that you want to have a cool place to relax in during the scorching months of the year. Fortunately, you can review some of the hottest UNIQUE pool trends in the valley and then set up a free consultation with one of the UNIQUE design professionals. Your designer can assist you in choosing the features that best meet your needs as well as the best theme or design for your custom pool.

While you might only have a vague image of your dream swimming pool in your mind, the most crucial fact to remember is that UNIQUE is a full-service pool and landscape company. Also, the UNIQUE Companies holds an AZROC general contractors license. This combination of licenses allows the Unique Companies to build any structure that you might desire for your outdoor living oasis as well as your pool, spa, and landscape features. The process is far less complicated for you as you are dealing with a single contractor, a single point of contact, and one fantastic designer who will ensure that your dream outdoor living space becomes your reality.

Customized Looks Are A Huge Part Of The Latest UNIQUE Pool Trends

The UNIQUE Companies created an entire outdoor living space to bring this homeowners dream oasis to life. The swim-up bar, ramada and beautiful pool are just the beginning.

When it comes to designing your pool, you have a lot more choices than just the shape and the color of the interior surface. Selecting a color scheme for your pool includes:

  • the type and color of the interior
  • the color and style of the waterline tile
  • the material and color of the coping
  • the addition of any mosaic tile

When you are selecting the shape of your pool, the sky is the limit. Freeform pools offer a look more similar to a lagoon, while geometric pools appear more formal. The size and shape of your yard will also be a factor in designing the pool that best fits the space and meets your needs for size and functionality. Currently, bold, vibrant colors are the hottest in the Phoenix area. However, it is ultimately your choice, and the color scheme should be what appeals to you and what you will find more relaxing and enjoyable.

Fun Features Are Important

Multiple elevations, materials, textures, and colors add to the interest of this UNIQUE design. These homeowners love their custom outdoor living and entertaining space.

During your free consultation with a UNIQUE designer, don’t forget to ask about the hottest fun features that are available. With all of the natural stone in our desert environment, large stone grottos and water slides are a perfect feature to add to your pool. Large natural boulders can be added to your pool edge or coping to compliment your grotto. If a water slide is not your idea of fun, then consider a natural stone waterfall to add interest and ambiance to your pool. Our team of highly skilled masons custom builds each waterfall for a one of a kind look. If boulders are not to your taste, there are also scupper style water features and water jets that shoot a stream of water out of the pool deck and into the pool. All of these features can easily be added to any pool to create your dream outdoor getaway.

What About More Than Just A Pool?

Bold interior colors combined with glass mosaic tile create an unforgettable visual impact.

Most homeowners picture a pool as a feature that is installed at or near ground level. However, that is not necessarily always the case. Some or all of your pool can be elevated and include water fountains, glass mosaic tile, and even spillways and negative edge features. All of these structural variations will add to the visual appeal of your pool and its function. Also, don’t forget about the chilly evenings that will be here in the winter months. Adding a custom spa to your pool provides year-round function and fun. UNIQUE offers spa packages ranging from a simple whirlpool to a full therapeutic spa with dozens of jets and functions. Your UNIQUE designer can assist you in determining which spa and pool elevation will work best in the space that your yard offers. Also, what will work best to achieve your outdoor dream space.

Technology Is A Critical UNIQUE Pool Trend

Water jets add a touch of whimsy to this more formal outdoor living space. Turn them on when you are ready to experience your pool through the eyes of a child.

Having your UNIQUE dream pool should be all about your relaxation and enjoyment. You don’t want a new pool to add to your already long list of chores. Thanks to the latest in pool technology, your pool can pretty much take care of itself. Adding automated cleaning heads, sanitation equipment, and even chemical systems will provide the majority of the care that your new pool needs. These features will eliminate the need for you to devote your time to clean and maintain your new pool. Also, if you don’t want to worry about any of the maintenance for your pool, UNIQUE offers full-service pool maintenance contracts. Who better to care for your custom pool than the team that designed and built it? To learn more about all of the latest UNIQUE pool trends and continued care for your pool, call 480-969-1911.