Spring is in full bloom in the Valley of the Sun. And we all know that the scorching heat of summer will be here all too quickly. And with that intense heat comes the need for additional water for your plants and grass. Unless you have decided that this is the year you are going  Read More

We Do Have A Frost Season In Phoenix! Tips To Know About Cold Weather The coldest part of every day is just before daybreak During the day, it is essential to uncover plants to allow the sun to warm the soil and plants naturally Cloudy nights provide insulation from the cold Clear nights hold the  Read More

  Even with the hot climate of Phoenix, weeds can be a constant problem if they are not properly controlled. Many HOA’s in the valley fine homeowners for excessive weeds, but weed control still can feel like a never ending battle for homeowners. The solution is a simple two step process that any homeowner can  Read More