Even with the hot climate of Phoenix, weeds can be a constant problem if they are not properly controlled. Many HOA’s in the valley fine homeowners for excessive weeds, but weed control still can feel like a never ending battle for homeowners. The solution is a simple two step process that any homeowner can complete in just a short time and with only a small investment at the home and garden store.

Two Main Types of Weed Control

There are two types of chemicals that control weeds. The first type is a post emergent. These are the products that can be used to kill existing weeds. There are contact herbicides which kill only the part of the plant that the spray actually touches. But a more effective type of herbicide is systemic, meaning it is absorbed by the plant and then kills the entire plant. This type of product will kill the root system as well as the growth that you can see and will help prevent the weed from growing back in a few weeks.
Both of these herbicides are non-selective and will damage or kill any plant material that it comes in contact with so great care should be taken when applying. They should only be applied when there is no wind and special care should be taken not to overspray onto existing plants and grass.

A few days after spraying with the systemic herbicide, the dead weeds can be easily remove by hand or with a rake. You will then be ready to apply the second weed control chemical. This product is called a pre-emergent and will ensure that no new weeds grow in your yard. Pre-emergent can be found in both a liquid form and a granular form. If you use the granular type of pre-emergent, you will need to water it in to dissolve the particles or apply it just before a light rain. The liquid should be applied at a time when no rain is forecast for the day so it can completely dry and not be washed away.

Step Two

The pre-emergent forms the equivalent of a sterile barrier on your yard. This means that no seeds can blow into your yard and germinate. This product is not harmful to any other plants in your yard as it only stops germination of new seeds. In the Phoenix area, applying pre-emergent to your yard in the spring and the fall will offer year round weed control.

Using this two step program will allow you to eliminate the existing weeds in your yard and keep new weeds from growing. The time and money that you invest initially will be keep your yard looking great all year and allow you to spend more time enjoying your outdoor living space and not pulling annoying weeds.