Summertime in Phoenix is definitely made for having fun outdoors. With nearly 300 sunny days and warm temperatures for nearly 9 months, nothing makes your Phoenix backyard more enjoyable than water features for kids of all ages. And these are not fountains or koi ponds, these are places for the entire family to have fun  Read More

Landscaping your Phoenix property is far more challenging than simply picking some plants and getting them into the ground. The Valley of the Sun is well known as a great place for outdoor living and entertaining, and you want your landscape to provide the stage for your outdoor lifestyle. Properly blending hardscape features, plant material  Read More

Spring in Phoenix is a busy time as we all prepare for the warm months to come. Pools are being cleaned and prepared for the endless hours of enjoyment as are the BBQ grills and outdoor living spaces. But homeowners often forget that spring is also the time to revisit pool safety for both adults  Read More