This backyard features a lazy river with deck jets for added fun and entertainment. Kids and adults will enjoy every moment spent enjoying the UNIQUE fun features in this backyard.

Summertime in Phoenix is definitely made for having fun outdoors. With nearly 300 sunny days and warm temperatures for nearly 9 months, nothing makes your Phoenix backyard more enjoyable than water features for kids of all ages. And these are not fountains or koi ponds, these are places for the entire family to have fun while keeping cool and relaxing together. And the best part is that all three amazing features can be customized for you and your family by a member of the UNIQUE design team. All you need to do is schedule a free consultation and have your list of must-have fun features ready when your designer arrives. And even if you only have a few ideas, your designer will be able to explain all of the pool and water features that UNIQUE offers and help you select what is right for your family.

Most summertime entertaining in Phoenix happens in the pool. So when you are imagining your perfect swimming pool you will want to be sure to consider a lazy river and a water slide. These are two features that will be enjoyed by adults and children alike and will take your pool parties to the next level. In addition to fun in the pool, many families like to add a water feature that is perfect for younger children. A splash pad is the perfect play area for small children who are not yet accomplished swimmers. Kids love to activate the fountains and play in the water and parents love that this is a child-safe water play area that has no dangerous standing water in the play area.

Nothing Says Summertime Fun Like A Lazy River!

This custom water feature includes a slide as well as a waterfall and grotto.

Until recently, the only place to find a lazy river was at a five-star resort. But now UNIQUE customers can have a custom lazy river added to their backyard entertainment area. Your lazy river can include a grotto or waterfall, an island with footbridge access or even water cannons and fountains to keep everyone cool while riding along the lazy river on a floatie or inner tube. Other features that enhance a lazy river include a swim-up bar for quick access to drinks and snacks, a viewing window to watch as your guests float by on the river and even a shade structure such as a Ramada or palapa. Your UNIQUE designer will assist you in selecting the features that you would like as well as planning the path of your lazy river to make the best use of the space in your yard. And then the final step is to select the landscaping that will add the finishing touches. You can create your own tropical oasis with palms and lush plants or a more rustic look with agave, cacti and huge natural boulders. Whatever you are dreaming of for your lazy river, the UNIQUE team can build for you in your own backyard.

Add A Water Slide To Your Pool Or Lazy River

At night, the fun only increases as this water slide and grotto are lit to up to add impact to your yard. This grotto and water slide are sure to be the focal point of the outdoor living space throughout the year.

Gone are the days of climbing out of the pool to scurry up a metal ladder and try to slide down a white plastic flume which might or might not have a trickle of water running down it. Today’s slides can be custom designed as part of a huge rock feature that could even include a cave or grotto. And the steps used to get to the top of your slide will be far more safe than the rickety old ladders of the past. Your water slide will look more like a feature from a theme park than something making a comeback from the 60s and 70s. Your custom slide can use an open flume, closed flume or even a combination of both. In addition, you can add twists and turns, steep inclines and a final straightaway for picking up speed. These custom created fiberglass slides also feature a substantial amount of water flowing with each rider so there are no more abrasions and scuffs when enjoying your custom slide feature. There is no better way to enter your pool or lazy river than a jet down your custom designed UNIQUE water slide.

A Safe Summer Fun Feature For Your Phoenix Backyard

Splash pads add an element of summer fun, but in a manner that is safe for children of all ages. This splash pad offers numerous fountains and jets to keep even a large group of children entertained for hours at a time.

Water safety is a very serious concern for parents and having a kid-friendly water play area is perfect for younger children and children who are not yet ready to be in a pool. But these youngsters won’t be missing out on any fun this summer if you install a UNIQUE splash pad. As one of the valleys premier pool and spa contractors, UNIQUE is well qualified to design and install your custom splash pad. Chris Griffin, the owner and in-house engineer at UNIQUE crunches through all of the numbers and formulas to make sure that your splash pad meets both his strict engineering and design standards to ensure that your family will have nothing but fun while enjoying this waterpark-like fun space. Our only word of caution when thinking about your splash pad design is dream big! Many contractors offer a standard 100 square foot splash pad, only to have clients a little disappointed after the first few days of use. Picture your kids playing and running around in a 10’ x 10’ room, and think of how confining that can be. At UNIQUE we recommend that you increase the size to accommodate more play space. And we also want you to know that the size does not double when you build a 200 square foot splash pad. In fact, the cost only increases by about 20%. So build a play space that you and your kids can enjoy for years to come. Adding one or all of these fun features to your Phoenix backyard will turn every weekend into a staycation for the entire family to enjoy. Contact the UNIQUE design team to learn more about these features and all of the options to turn your current backyard into the backyard of your dreams.

Splash pads bring the fun back to slides and jungle gyms in the hot summer months. Kids will love this safe water play area as much as parents do.