The tiny house movement has arrived and is taking over much of the programming on channels such as HGTV, DIY and even TLC. But for most people, the idea of downsizing to a few hundred square feet is just not even imaginable. In fact, many homeowners in Arizona have a swimming pool that is larger  Read More

At the UNIQUE Companies, we believe that our clients deserve nothing but the best, and that includes both the best workmanship and the best products that are available. For that reason, UNIQUE uses a product called Polymeric sand when installing any paver project. For only a slight increase in the overall cost, the benefits of  Read More

There are many hidden costs that homeowners tend to overlook when thinking about a move. The new home purchase can be motivated by a desire for additional living space so the bigger price tag of a larger home is expected. But fees such as movers, cleaning services, decorators and new furnishings are often overlooked. Before  Read More