There are many hidden costs that homeowners tend to overlook when thinking about a move. The new home purchase can be motivated by a desire for additional living space so the bigger price tag of a larger home is expected. But fees such as movers, cleaning services, decorators and new furnishings are often overlooked. Before electing to embark on the long and expensive process of moving, consider the option of creating additional outdoor living space at your current home. 

The Benefits of NOT Moving

Time is a valuable asset but one that many homeowners forget to consider when evaluating a move. Not only will searching for a new home take time but so will packing and moving. In addition, there is a great investment of time in reestablishing your family’s routine. Children will search for new friends, you will seek new places to shop, new service providers for your home needs and much more. But the addition of outdoor living space to your current home will not cause any of this upheaval in the life of your family. In fact, your family is very likely to look forward to this exciting improvement in your current home. 

New Meal Time Traditions

Adding family friendly outdoor living spaces such as an outdoor kitchen and eating area are likely to increase both the amount and quality of the time spent together as a family. The new larger kitchen can encourage every member of the family to become involved in preparing meals. And a large comfortable dining area can bring everyone together for family meals and conversation without the intrusion of the television. 

Outdoor Activity Spaces

And what parent doesn’t dread the comments of “I’m bored” or “there is nothing to do” that begin about two weeks after school is out for the summer? But a new UNIQUE pool and kid friendly backyard is a great place for your children and their friends to spend their summer. Being outdoors and active offers exercise and a variety of health benefits that can’t be found on the sofa playing video games. And if your children are younger, consider installing a very child safe splash pad for hours of fun without the dangers of a pool.  

A Place for Adults As Well

And while your children are enjoying their new outdoor spaces, the adults can be enjoying the comfort and atmosphere of an adult style outdoor relaxation space. A covered seating area complete with a misting system, beverage station and even outdoor speakers is the perfect place to unwind on the weekends or in the evening after a long day at work. You might even consider adding a custom spa for the perfect place to sooth sore muscles after a long workout or just a place to wash away the stress of a day at the office.

Adding outdoor living spaces to your home can be a much more affordable way to gain additional space without the hassle and cost of moving. Instead of leaving all of your memories behind, you can look forward to adding new memories of the holidays, special events and quality time that your family enjoyed in your current home.