At the UNIQUE Companies, we believe that our clients deserve nothing but the best, and that includes both the best workmanship and the best products that are available. For that reason, UNIQUE uses a product called Polymeric sand when installing any paver project. For only a slight increase in the overall cost, the benefits of Polymeric sand set pavers are incredible.

What is Polymeric Sand?

Sand is the material that masons use to fill the joints between pavers when building a patio, walkway or pool deck. The sand fills the small gaps and allows the pavers to be held in place to create a solid and secure surface. Polymeric sand combines a very fine sand along with silica and other products which form a binding agent. When the paver project is complete, the Polymeric sand is applied and swept into the joints between the pavers. Next, a gentle spray of water is applied to activate the binding agent and create a strong, solid bond and barrier between the pavers.

Increased Durability

Increasing the longevity of a paver project is always important because that increases the value of our work for our clients. Our goal is to forge a long term relationship with each client and providing high quality workmanship and products that stand the test of time are the best ways that we can achieve this goal. Building a patio or walkway that will continue to look great and remain functional for many years is an important step in building and maintaining a long term relationship.

The binding agent in the Polymeric sand locks the pavers in place and eliminates the issues cause by natural environmental conditions. Everyone has seen a paver patio after a Phoenix monsoon. There is no sand left between the pavers as all of the sand has been washed away by the torrential rain. Even the high winds of a dust storm can blow ordinary sand from between pavers, leaving an unstable and unsightly mess. But the Polymeric sand used by UNIQUE will withstand all that the harsh weather of Phoenix can dish out and still look great for years to come.

A Strong Barrier

There is nothing more pleasing to the eye than a large paver patio with the intricate pattern and precise lines. But as soon as weeds begin to invade the joints of a patio or walkway, the beauty fades and all that is left is an area which is hard to maintain and often unsightly. Another downfall of a typical paver patio is when it becomes a home to unwanted ants and other pests. Unfortunately, the sand in the paver joints is a haven for ants who will thrive in the ready-made home that you have provided for them. Polymeric sand is the solution to eliminating both of these annoying issues on any paver project. The solid surface created by the binding agent deters weeds from taking root and also impeded the micro construction of ant colonies in and under your paver surfaces.

The Only Choice for Quality Paver Installations

In the Phoenix area, there is really no other solid choice for quality paver installations that provides the same benefits as Polymeric sand. And though the installation adds a step to the finishing process and requires great care to carefully clean the surface of the pavers prior to moistening, the end result is a superior paver project and another extremely satisfied UNIQUE customer.