Spring is in full bloom in the Valley of the Sun. And we all know that the scorching heat of summer will be here all too quickly. And with that intense heat comes the need for additional water for your plants and grass. Unless you have decided that this is the year you are going  Read More

Time For Spring Planting March is a critical month for planting in Phoenix. If you are a vegetable gardener, March is your last opportunity to get your cool-season veggies in the ground. Sowing carrot, beet, radish, green onion, leaf lettuce, and spinach seeds will allow these plants a full two months of growth so that  Read More

Clean Inside And Out It is a good idea to rinse or dust your grill monthly to prevent damage to the outer surface. This is important even if you have a grill cover as the grit and dust can scratch the grill surface when the cover is removed or returned to the grill. If you  Read More