These native plants create a beautiful backdrop for this outdoor entertaining and living space. The colors, textures and variety of plants make this landscape pop.

Spring is in full bloom in the Valley of the Sun. And we all know that the scorching heat of summer will be here all too quickly. And with that intense heat comes the need for additional water for your plants and grass. Unless you have decided that this is the year you are going to become more conscious of this precious resource that can become quite limited here in Phoenix. However, reducing the water requirements of your yard does not mean that you will be forced to look out your windows and see nothing but barren, dry soil, and a few plants that resemble weeds. And all that you need to do to begin the transformation of your yard to reduced water consumption is click here or call 480-969-1911 to set up a free consultation with a UNIQUE design specialist.

UNIQUE Benefits OF Water Conservation

This Mediterranean style oasis feels very inviting with all of the lush palm trees and the artificial turf.

If you are still on the fence about converting your landscape to a more eco-friendly environment, maybe these facts and numbers will help make your decision much easier.

  • An actual low-water-use landscape will require 75% less water than a traditional design with grass and high water demand plants
  • Low-water use plants will still be able to provide shade, privacy, attract birds and wildlife and add a splash of color and interest to your outdoor living space
  • Low-water use landscapes require less maintenance and care than a traditional landscape palette
  • Your property will also help the environment because you will be applying fewer chemicals such as fertilizer and pesticides which can contaminate the soil and any groundwater in the area
  • One tree, including a low-water desert tree, can remove over 1,000 pounds of carbon dioxide from the planet over its lifetime – to put that into perspective that equals 1,300 miles of vehicle emissions

A Green Alternative To Natural Grass

There are many low-water-use plants that are soft, feathery and perfect for plantings near your pool and spa. They add to the oasis feel and are not dangerous for this high traffic area.

If you can’t imagine looking out your window and seeing a lush panel of green grass, don’t worry that you have to give up the view to save a significant amount of water. Artificial grass looks more like natural turf than ever before, and you don’t need to provide constant care. Water conservationists have estimated that the average home has around 750 square feet of natural grass. And that lawn panel consumes a shocking 22,000 gallons of water each year. With that formula, a yard with 1,500 square feet of natural grass will use over 65,000 gallons of water a year. That massive number is not far below the 77,000 gallons of water that the average family uses indoors over the course of the same year.

And in addition to saving a substantial amount of water, converting to artificial grass eliminates the emissions from the lawnmower and blower that are used each week for maintenance. And you are reducing the chemical applications in your yard significantly. Also, there is no more turf fertilizer, broadleaf weed control, or pesticides to eliminate the critters that were calling your grass home. And you get to enjoy the lush look of green grass all year without the time and trouble involved in scalping and overseeding. Artificial grass really has no drawbacks. To learn more about this environmentally friendly and visually appealing option, click here to set up your free appointment with a UNIQUE landscape design specialist.

Selecting Low-Water Use Plants

Your front your does not need a large turn panel to look inviting. These large palms create the perfect focal point for an entryway.

Many homeowners are concerned that low-water plants are going to be boring, aggressive, and sparse. But that is not the case. Yes, some desert plants do have thorns, small leaves, and foliage, and are not colorful. But there are many other options to choose from. And the best way to begin the process is to select the theme or visual mood you would like for your environmentally friendly oasis. Some of the most common themes include:

  • MEDITERRANEAN – many shades of green, small leaves, a variety of textures and aromas
  • SONORAN DESERT – UNIQUE shapes, green to greyish white foliage with cacti and other native plants
  • SOUTHWESTERN – a wide array of colors, shapes, and sizes to enjoy year-round
  • TROPICAL MEXICAN – lush and colorful all year with many flashy fragrant plants
This native plant palette is the perfect selection to complement this natural desert view. The combination of shapes and textures provides interest without any debris to blow into the pool.

Once you have a theme selected, your UNIQUE designer will be your best resource to determine the exact plant palette and the best location for each plant to enjoy the more beauty and benefit from your new low-water outdoor living space. Click here, or call 480-969-1911, to schedule your appointment with a UNIQUE designer to learn more.