This outdoor space was very limited and perched on the side of a mountain. By with a professional landscape design the homeowners were able to get their pool and multiple seating areas.

The overall mild climate in Phoenix makes outdoor living a perk for most residents. But when your outdoor space is limited, you might feel that limits its potential as well. However, with a quality design, your tiny space can feel as functional, fun, and relaxing as a much larger yard. And the added bonus is that you will spend far more time enjoying the space than you will maintaining it. Just like a smaller house, a smaller outdoor living space can meet all of your needs when it is well thought out and properly designed.

The Secret To Any Perfect Design

Even with limited space, these homeowners now enjoy an it all. This one covered space functions as an outdoor kitchen, dining area, living space and a place to entertain.

There is really no secret to creating a great landscape design. The quality of the design is entirely dependent on the skills of the designer. Many homeowners think that there is no reason to turn to a professional landscape designer for a small space. But in truth, a small area needs the knowledge, experience, and talent of a professional landscape designer more than any more substantial space. At UNIQUE, our designers average almost 20 years in the industry. Their knowledge about both design and the Phoenix plant palette will make your small space amazing. Click here, or call 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation with one of the members of the UNIQUE design team.

Planning Your Tiny Oasis

This water feature provides the focal point of the space and includes a fireplace for more interest and ambiance. When the fountain is off, the capped wall is perfect for extra seating. 

Planning and thinking about your expectations for your outdoor living space are critical to the project’s success or failure, regardless of the size of the space. Do you like to cook outdoors? Then a built-in BBQ island is an excellent use of even limited space. An island can also meet multiple needs, which is also essential in a smaller space. You can eliminate the need for an outdoor dining table by including a seating area or bar top to the island. And as the hub of your outdoor living space, be sure to include an umbrella sleeve for shade and outlets for creating an intimate mood with lighting for al fresco dining and evening entertaining.

If you are looking for relaxation space rather than an outdoor kitchen, then keep your space flexible to use year-round with a built-in fire pit. While this feature can take up a fair amount of space, it can offer many functions throughout the year. In the colder months, the warmth and ambiance will make your outdoor living space the perfect retreat. In the warmer season, a wood-burning fire pit can easily be converted to a large tabletop with a circular piece of stone or wood. Another option is to fill the pit with ice and make it the drink station for your summer fun. And add a sizeable colorful pot of flowers to the center of your fire pit for decoration, and it can be an intimate seating area for guests.

Picking The Plants You Will Love

This self-contained water feature has a tiny footprint but adds huge impact to your outdoor living space.

In a small space, quality or visual appeal is far more critical than the number of plants that you select. A few specimen type focal points will add the softness and color that you want without creating much maintenance or causing the space to feel claustrophobic. Your UNIQUE designer will be able to help you select plants that will add color, texture, and softness to the space year-round.

Don’t Forget The Sound

This BBQ island offers a place to cook outdoors, a work surface and refrigerator space while only taking about 3 feet from the side of this outdoor living area.

Small outdoor spaces are typically found in the city and in areas that are more densely populated. This means that there is more street noise to consider. But a simple way to eliminate or cover up that rumble of the world around your tiny space is with moving water. A fountain of some type will provide that calming grey noise that creates tranquility, even in the city. A little fountain can be installed along a wall and have a minimal footprint for the significant impact that it has on your outdoor living space. To see examples of these fountains and other options to eliminate sound issues, click here, or call 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation with a UNIQUE designer. Your small outdoor living space holds vast potential for your home with the help of a professional landscape design.