As concerns about our environment continue to increase, responsible homeowners in the Phoenix area are looking for more from their landscaping than just a lush look. They are searching for creative and UNIQUE ways to achieve a visually pleasing landscape while still offering environmentally-friendly features. This new green green-initiative is not new to the Valley  Read More

In the past, the ideal outdoor space needed to be lush, green and filled with massive leafy plants and trees. But as we as a society become more focused on balancing our desires with the good of the environment as a whole, our image of perfection has begun to evolve. Fortunately, Phoenicians have the jump  Read More

As a rental property owner, you are continually facing a balancing act between over investing and lack of appeal to potential renters. And one of the most critical areas for instant curb appeal and renter interest is the landscape. Phoenix area properties need to have attractive and functional outdoor living spaces to attract the best  Read More