As the number of COVID cases spike in Arizona, everyone is beginning to wonder if we will return to anything close to our normal lives in 2020. And no one seems to have an answer to that question. But the one thing that we can all agree on is the need for some personal space, alone time or simply the ability to spread out in a new or different environment. There are only so many hours one can spend sitting on the couch watching Netflix or Amazon Prime Video. And while there are not many ways to safely get out of the house, there is one place that you might discover is your new favorite getaway spot. Your outdoor living space holds the potential to be another living room, an outdoor kitchen and dining space, a play space for the kids, and even a cool spot to catch a movie. And the UNIQUE Companies are just the people to help you create your much needed outdoor addition to your living space.

Covered Patio Space

While much of the country loves to head outdoors and bask in the sun, that is a little impractical in the Valley of the Sun. Anyone who wants to enjoy the great outdoors for more than a few minutes this summer knows that shade is a must-have in AZ. But what you might not know is that there are many options to create a large shaded area that can serve as your new multi-functional living space. We offer everything from a full roofed structure to partial coverage. And the style, material, and size can all be customized to meet your needs and create the visual backdrop that appeals to you.

Your options include:

  • RAMADA-An outdoor shade structure with a covered fully-enclosed roof, generally matching the architecture and materials used in the existing house structure. A Ramada typically has four supporting columns or posts, with open sides.
  • PERGOLA-An outdoor shade structure with an open trellis or ceiling, usually constructed of wood, with large wood beams and wood rafters for the ceiling. A pergola generally has four supporting columns or posts, with open sides.
  • GAZEBO-An outdoor shade structure with a covered, vaulted ceiling, typically constructed of wood, with five or more sides. A gazebo is usually hexagonal and may match the architecture of the house. UNIQUE generally builds Ramadas to match the house, gazebos are custom designed and are not modeled after the style or architecture of the house.
  • PALAPA- A tropical shade structure or “umbrella,” which is built with pine-peeled posts and palm leaves. This structure can be an umbrella with a single post or constructed with multiple support posts in the case of a larger palapa.

To learn more about the process of selecting and customizing your UNIQUE shade structure, click here to request a free consultation with a UNIQUE design professional

More Patio Living Space

This outdoor kitchen offers seating for the entire family. But what makes it truly amazing are the chef-quality appliances including the gas range and vent hood.

Knowing that you can create a massive shaded area for outdoor living, you might have discovered that you need to add some square footage to your patio. And again, the professional masons from UNIQUE are ready to help you solve this problem. All of our masonry work is done by our in-house team, who have decades of experience working with pavers, flagstone, and various types of tile to create magnificent outdoor living spaces and hardscape features. These works of art are all custom built and backed by a complete warranty that extends as long as five years.

Features And Fun

With a fantastic new UNIQUE outdoor living space, no one will want to go inside to grab a snack or cook a meal. But that issue can easily be eliminated by adding an outdoor kitchen to your new extended living area. You can start with just the basics, including a BBQ island complete with a grill, fridge, and seating bar. Or you could recreate an entire chef’s quality kitchen in your backyard. Each outdoor kitchen is custom designed and built to meet your needs perfectly. Our design pro will help you determine which feature you want to include and maybe even point out a few that you never imagined, but now can’t live without. One feature that many family love and use year-round is the custom wood-fired pizza oven!

When it is time for some family fun and exercise, be sure to consider including a custom putting green in your design. These synthetic surfaces require no water or maintenance but add a lush green space that is perfect for the entire family to enjoy. Our design team can create a custom course for your family or replicate your favorite putting green from any golf course around the world. The sky really is the limit when you have UNIQUE install your private putting green.

And if a putting green does not provide enough exercise for your family, the answer might be a UNIQUE sunken trampoline. These top-quality trampolines are installed in a custom trampoline pit that allows the jumping surface to be flush with the ground. This design is the safest way for your kids to play. Also, it eliminates the need for unsightly nets and other barricade systems. And the best part is that our crew takes care of the entire process. All you need to do is be ready to run out with your kids and enjoy this low impact cardio workout.

2020 is definitely a year that will stand out in your mind for many reasons. But it can also be the year that you discover just how much you enjoy spending time with your loved ones in your own backyard. You can also drastically increase your usable living space, and add fun new features and areas that you never dreamed could be a part of your backyard. Call 480-969-1911 or click here to schedule a free design consultation