This freeform panel of turf adds beauty to the earth tone color palette of this outdoor living space. And it is the perfect place for children and pets to enjoy an allergy-free play area.

Living in the desert, it can be challenging to keep your lawn lush and green. And then there is the added frustration and cost of scalping summer grass and planting winter rye. But that is what homeowners have been doing for decades so that they can enjoy the lush green of a beautiful lawn at their valley home. However, there is another option that looks great year-round, eliminates the allergens of natural grass, needs no weekly maintenance, and substantially reduces your water bill. The answer to enjoying all of these benefits is a synthetic lawn.

Please don’t cringe when you hear the phrase synthetic lawn. It is not the hideous green carpet that was once the rage in senior communities. This product has been carefully designed to withstand the extreme heat and intense sun of Phoenix. Still, it looks natural and pleasing to the eye. The manufacturers are so confident in their product that they have included an 8-year warranty against excessive wear, fading, and product defects. To learn more about this fantastic product and how it can be included in your landscape design, call 480-969-1911 or click here to schedule a free consultation with a UNIQUE design professional.

The Benefits Of Going Synthetic

This lush synthetic turf looks nothing like the old green carpet that was once the only substitute for natural turf. The texture and color are variegated to more closely match the appearance of real grass.

Real turf requires a great deal of care. Regular mowing, weed and fertilizer treatment, and of course, a massive amount of water are needed to keep your lawn looking presentable. And then there is the hassle of converting to winter grass and hoping that the seed germinates evenly and quickly. It is really a year-round commitment to care for a space that you might or might not even use. However, once your synthetic lawn is installed, you can instantly begin enjoying a soft and lush play area for children and pets. And you never need to worry about mowing or watering again.

One of the more common but less talked about issues of natural grass is the production of allergens. Grass pollen is very plentiful in the valley and can make adults, children, and even pets miserable. But with synthetic grass, humans and pets will enjoy a play space free of allergy-causing pollen. In addition, some children and pets also suffer from allergies related to the fertilizer and herbicides used to treat natural grass. That, too, is no longer an issue when you convert to a synthetic lawn.

Finally, the environment benefits substantially when you remove natural grass and replace it with an artificial version. At a minimum, each square foot of grass needs .625 gallons of water per week. Over the course of a year, that comes out to 32.5 gallons of water per square foot. If you have 1,000square feet of grass on your property, it is consuming at least 32,500 gallons of water each year. In just 15 years, that is half a million gallons of water dumped on your lawn. And that does not include added watering to germinate winter grass or during excessively high temperatures. Your conversion to synthetic grass significantly reduces your consumption of a limited natural resource, which is excellent for the environment. And it also reduces the amount of fertilizer and other chemicals that is finding its way from your grass to natural wetlands and the water table in your area.

Great Applications For Synthetic Turf

Adding beauty and function to your outdoor space are two of the most common reasons homeowners convert natural grass to a synthetic version. Looking out and seeing a bright green panel of grass is very pleasing to the eye. The desert color palette includes many brown and grey shades, but only small splashes of green. But your artificial lawn can add the vivid color and softness that makes you want to go outdoors and enjoy the vista. And because you are not watering or chemically treating this synthetic grass, your lawn is always ready to host a game of tag, fetch, or just a place to relax and enjoy a good book.

Professional Quality Putting Greens

Even if you are not a scratch golfer, you will enjoy being able to walk out the back door and putt around your private mini-golf course. You might want to recreate a famous green from your favorite course or design your own custom green. The choice is yours. Our professional designers are here to assist you in determining the perfect putting green for your home.

Add Impact

Replacing a large turf panel is not the only application for synthetic grass. You can also use this fantastic product in a smaller space for added impact. Imagine large stepping stones connecting your pool and covered patio. The walkway is perfectly functional. But the granite between the stepping stones can be annoying and painful when it gets tracked onto the path. So why not eliminate the rock and instead, use lush, soft turf between the stepping stones. The color and texture create a great contrast, and you never need to worry about stepping on sharp rocks again.

To learn more about the benefits of converting your grass to a synthetic solution, call 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation with a UNIQUE design pro. Many companies install artificial turf, but none offer the quality installation process that you get from UNIQUE or the 2-year installation warranty.