Customized Looks Are A Huge Part Of The Latest UNIQUE Pool Trends Fun Features Are Important During your free consultation with a UNIQUE designer, don’t forget to ask about the hottest fun features that are available. With all of the natural stone in our desert environment, large stone grottos and water slides are a perfect  Read More

Summertime in Phoenix is definitely made for having fun outdoors. With nearly 300 sunny days and warm temperatures for nearly 9 months, nothing makes your Phoenix backyard more enjoyable than water features for kids of all ages. And these are not fountains or koi ponds, these are places for the entire family to have fun  Read More

With the holidays quickly approaching, homeowners are focused on holiday parties, gifts and simply surviving through these next few hectic weeks. It is certainly fair to say that very few people are thinking about their swimming pool in December. But this is actually the perfect time to be thinking about your pool if it is  Read More