POOR PLUMBING– The plumbing for your pool provides some essential functions such as circulating the water and operating the pool’s cleaning and sanitation. But as a homeowner, you never really see the plumbing or know what you are getting for your money. You need to trust the professional that you have hired to build your  Read More

Verify Experience Before Selecting A Contractor Sadly, the digital age has made it very easy for anyone to pose as a legitimate contractor. Not only can insurance documents and various licenses be created with ease, but so can testimonials and job photos. Verifying the expertise and experience level of your potential contractor is critical to  Read More

When it’s time to select a contractor, most consumers turn to the Internet to gather information about various contractors, the quality and specialty work that each contractor provides and also public opinion of the contractor. It is a pretty safe bet that the contractor’s website is going to list several testimonials and glowing stories of  Read More