Precision engineering and attention to detail are necessities when building a pool like this one. Fortunately, the team at UNIQUE offers both, along with decades of experience and expertise to turn your dream into reality

The first step in any successful pool construction project is knowing what the customer wants. At UNIQUE, our design staff has decades of experience asking the right questions to create a very clear image of our customer’s wants and needs for their new swimming pool and spa. You might not even realize that you have ideas and expectations already. But our pros will help you think through your pool, spa, and outdoor living space to decide precisely what it will take to create your dream backyard.

As your discussions get more specific, our designer will point out a few critical areas of focus so that we can guide you around these annoying pitfalls. One or two of these somewhat simple or obvious mistakes could turn your UNIQUE pool and spa project into a nightmare. And that is something that we DON’T want to happen. Instead, we want this process to be fun, exciting, and stress-free for every client. The common issues that we work diligently to help you avoid include:

  • IMPROPER SOIL– The problem here in the Phoenix area is that the soil is not consistent from one location or neighborhood to the next. And the only way to know what we are dealing with is a professional soil analysis. Many pool builders will try to estimate or ignore this potentially severe issue and also the cost associated with professional soil testing. But the result can be catastrophic. Without knowing the type of soil and correcting any problems before the construction begins, a pool could crack, float out of the ground, or even slide down a slope. All of these issues could lead to flooding of your house or property or flooding of a neighbor’s home or property.

The only solution acceptable here at UNIQUE is a professional soil analysis to KNOW your property’s conditions before we begin installing your swimming pool. This is the only way to provide you with the quality construction and warranty that you deserve.

You can never guess what you will find underground. But when installing a pool on the side of a mountain, you can expect some challenging soil conditions. The pros at UNIQUE have the experience needed to build your perfect swimming pool.
  • POOR PLUMBING– The plumbing for your pool provides some essential functions such as circulating the water and operating the pool’s cleaning and sanitation. But as a homeowner, you never really see the plumbing or know what you are getting for your money. You need to trust the professional that you have hired to build your pool. And also trust that the person is honest and reliable enough to install appropriately sized plumbing. A less than reputable pool builder can cut corners and cost with lower plumbing standards and save a lot of money. But you will be stuck with a pool that does not function correctly.

The solution for all plumbing issues is very simple at UNIQUE. All hydraulic questions go through Chris Griffin, the owner of the company, and a civil engineer. Not only does Chris bring decades of hands-on installation experience to the table, but he also has the formal education to back up his construction methods and processes. If you have any questions or concerns about your pool’s hydraulics, please voice those concerns to your designer or Chris to put your worries to rest.

All of these water features look amazing thanks to a lot of long and boring calculations. But because of those hydraulics formulas, Chris and the UNIQUE team are able to create these fabulous walls of water and calming fountains.
  • OVERSIZED PUMPS– Bigger is not always better, and that is a fact of hydraulics that applies to pump sizing for sure. An oversized pump can result in excessive noise, friction loss, wear and tear on piping and pool equipment, excessive electrical bills, and the pump’s early failure. In short, when a pool builder installs an oversized pump, it will result in you wasting money on the purchase price if the pump, our monthly electric bill, and the premature replacement of all of the piping and other components in the plumbing system and pool equipment.

The solution for customers is to work with a trustworthy team of professionals like the UNIQUE crew. We understand hydraulics and also the value of the trust that you are placing in us. We would never betray your trust and oversize a pump just to sell you a more expensive item. We select the pump that will provide you with the optimum cleaning, circulation, and sanitization for your pool.

Even a slight miscalculation can be devastating when you are perching a massive negative edge swimming pool on the side of a mountain. But clearly, the team at UNIQUE has the experience and expertise to do it right!
  • IMPROPER ELEVATION– Determining the elevation of your pool is critical for future drainage. But improper elevation can also cost you a substantial amount of money during the installation process. There is no room for error or guest work when establishing the elevation of a swimming pool. Even a slight miscalculation can result in flooding of your yard and home.

The solution for UNIQUE is the experience, expertise, and education of our staff and our owner. Chris Griffin’s civil engineering degree is proof that he knows what he is talking about when it comes to determining the proper elevation for your pool to avoid flooding issues or high costs during the construction process.

The elevation of this pool is critical to the perfect visual appearance and the function of the water flow over the edge and into the recirculation system

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