Only trust your home to an AZ ROC licensed contractor!

In the State of Arizona, any contractor who is entering into a contract with a total cost of materials and labor which exceeds $1,000 must be licensed by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. This includes installation projects, renovation to an existing structure or feature, and also removal of any structure or feature. The purpose of this licensing requirement is to protect consumers and ensure the quality of workmanship and safety of all construction in the state. Consumers can verify the license and standing of any contractor via an AZROC website search. However, there are a few more details that homeowners should check before selecting a contractor to work at their home.

In addition to being licensed, your contractor should be able to provide you with proof of insurance for the company. Not only does this insurance protect the owner of the company, but it also protects his or her employees, and you. The insurance will cover accidental damage to your property or the property of your neighbors. This could be as simple as a tree branch falling on your home or the home next door, or damage resulting from a ruptured gas line or damaged power line. Even damage that might appear to be minimal can often be costly to repair. Current worker’s compensation insurance is also necessary to protect anyone working on the site in the event of an injury. Any contractor that you are receiving an estimate from should be willing to provide you with proof of insurance, which you can verify with the insurance provider.

Verify Experience Before Selecting A Contractor

Professional design, engineering, and construction experience are a must to create functional, beautiful and safe projects like this UNIQUE outdoor living space.

Sadly, the digital age has made it very easy for anyone to pose as a legitimate contractor. Not only can insurance documents and various licenses be created with ease, but so can testimonials and job photos. Verifying the expertise and experience level of your potential contractor is critical to the safety and success of your project. All reliable contractors will offer to provide you with a list of references that you can call and speak to about their experience using the services of the contractor. But remember, the contractor has created the list and is not likely to include any client who might have negative comments. Always ask each contractor to provide the contact information for one or more clients who experienced challenges during the project. This allows you to hear how the contractor handled an issue, and if the client is now satisfied with the solution.

Verify Contractor Affiliations and Organization Participation

Good contractors know that participation in organizations related to his or her discipline is a valuable resource. These groups provide learning opportunities through continued education, seminars, and demonstrations. These groups are also an excellent way for contractors to have an impact on the knowledge level across the trade. Quality workmanship and end products are good for all contractors within a specific trade. Contact each contractor’s affiliations to learn more about their standing among their peers, their awards, and their level of participation within the organization. Industry leaders who are active and well known are often the best contractors for you to select.

Verify all affiliations to know that you are working with a true professional!

Professionalism Is Critical For A Successful Project And Contractor Experience

More goes into a successful construction project than just the ability to do the work specified in your contract. Professionalism includes:
• Returning calls promptly
• Providing the correct documentation
• Providing a schedule
• Meeting deadlines
• Working in a manner that is respectful to you and your neighbors
• Working in a safe manner
All of these details are necessary and should be expected from any legitimate contractor that you work with on any project. To get a better idea of how each contractor runs his or her business, ask for a few addresses of current projects. Visiting these job sites will provide you with a more personal view of how your project might proceed. In the end, it is your responsibility to verify the information provided to you by all potential contractors. The time that you invest in selecting a legitimate, quality contractor will be far less than you will be forced to spend if you end up working with an unlicensed person posing as a contractor.

Protect your investment and your family. Only hire a licensed contractor for any construction project at your home. A licensed contractor knows what is required to safely install a pool that is perched on a mountainside.

In the case of the UNIQUE COMPANIES, our owner and the company hold three AZ ROC licenses and numerous other certifications which include:
1997 Degree in Civil Engineering from the University of New Mexico
1997 EIT Certification for New Engineers
2003 Arizona Registrar of Contractors Landscape Contractor License
2003 Arizona Registrar of Contractors Swimming Pool Contractor License
2003 Arizona Registrar of Contractors General Contractor License
2010 International Concrete and Paver Institute Certification
2011 Appointed to PACE Paramount Advisory Committee
2012 Appointed to Arthritis Foundation Board of Directors Arizona Chapter
2016 Appointed to the Fiesta Bowl Committee

While homeowners see this as just a magnificently beautify pool and viewing window, a licensed contractor sees the critical engineering that is required to build this project safely.

Certified and Registered Genesis Watershape Designer
• 2015 Advanced Fluid Engineering Certification Genesis University
• 2016 Elements of Design Certification Genesis University
• 2016 The Language of Organic Architecture Certification Genesis University
• 2016 Basic Perspective Drawing Certification Genesis University
• 2016 Color Theory and It’s Application Certification Genesis University
• 2016 Basic Pool Construction Certification Genesis University
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