POOR PLUMBING– The plumbing for your pool provides some essential functions such as circulating the water and operating the pool’s cleaning and sanitation. But as a homeowner, you never really see the plumbing or know what you are getting for your money. You need to trust the professional that you have hired to build your  Read More

THREE WAYS TO HEAT YOUR POOL GAS HEATING ELECTRIC HEATING Electric heating uses a heat pump and function much like a heat pump inside your home. These heaters are most often used to maintain the water temperature for constant use. So you might install this option to extend your fall and spring pool use taking  Read More

Let’s Start With The Base Package As you might imagine, at UNIQUE, we do offer pool packages. But we rarely install our packages to those exact specifications as our customers prefer to personalize the items to best fit their needs. These packages serve as a launching point. For example, one of our packages, the Desert  Read More