As the holiday decorations are put away and the New Year begins, many homeowners are ready to embrace a little bit of change for their home. A fresh UNIQUE look with added curb appeal is a great way to begin 2018. The only thing stopping many homeowners is the cost involved in a facade renovation  Read More

When you are selecting a location and design for your UNIQUE outdoor fireplace be sure that you consider the added benefit of winter dining by your fireplace. With the mild winter climate we enjoy in Arizona, outdoor dining is very enjoyable throughout the winter months. But as desert dwellers we do notice the chill when  Read More

Fire pits are a very popular feature in Phoenix landscape projects. Homeowners love the ambiance and connection to nature that these somewhat rustic fire features offer. It’s just so simple to walk out after a long day and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of a fire. It’s a time to clear your mind and relax  Read More