As the holiday decorations are put away and the New Year begins, many homeowners are ready to embrace a little bit of change for their home. A fresh UNIQUE look with added curb appeal is a great way to begin 2018. The only thing stopping many homeowners is the cost involved in a facade renovation for their home. New paint, decorative window trim and an updated entry way can all add up to a hefty price tag. The solution for your new look in 2018 can be affordable however, if you choose to work with a UNIQUE landscape designer to add interest and curb appeal to your property.

Many Phoenix front yards are still a huge panel of grass. Not only does the grass require constant maintenance but it also requires a great deal of water. Eliminating the grass in an effort to lower your time commitment and cost to care for turf will also provide an additional benefit by saving a valuable resource; water. And with the grass removed, you have a blank palette to create any new look you like.
Custom Courtyard

In the past, a front porch was where you went to sit outdoors and enjoy the fresh air. But most recently built homes only provide a small entry way. Adding a UNIQUE courtyard to the front of your home can help you recreate that welcoming entrance from years gone by. Lush plant material and a paver or stone patio will provide a connection to nature in a private and relaxing outdoor setting. Including a small UNIQUE water feature will incorporate the tranquil sound of moving water for all of your guests as they enter your home. And a water feature can also help to diminish the sounds of street noise while you are relaxing in the courtyard for a morning cup of coffee or after a long day of work.

A Garden Path

Every home seems to have the same boring front yard and sidewalk which lead from the street straight to the front door. Removing this human highway like path is a great way to add interest and character to the front of your home. A winding path through clusters of plantings will turn your bland front yard into a beautiful garden to be explored as you traverse toward the entry way of your home. You can select the design that best matches your home. A contemporary home might feature native agave, cacti and ornamental grasses while a more traditional home could include flowering shrubs such as hibiscus, orange jubilees and rosemary. Your guests will enjoy a leisurely stroll to your front door as they exploring the plants and natural beauty of your UNIQUE front yard.

Add an Upscale Look

If you want to add a splash of color and make your home stand out from the rest of your street, consider removing your concrete driveway and sidewalk and replacing it with UNIQUE pavers or flagstone. Driveways are certainly necessary but they don’t have to be just a huge expanse of grey. Adding a warm blend of pavers such as the Toscana color or the Sedona Blend will incorporate warm tones of brown, gold, tan and orange where that stark gray had been. This custom feature will add interest and curb appeal to your home as well as value.

On a Smaller Scale

If you are not ready to renovate your entire front yard, then consider a smaller project to create a new look for the New Year. Adding a UNIQUE water feature to your front yard will add both visual and auditory appeal. A small bubbling rock feature or a wall fountain can be installed with a limited footprint but bring a huge impact to your curb appeal. Raised planters, large pots, urns or a specimen plantings can provide focal points which will entice your guests toward your entryway and add new eye catching features to your existing landscape.

Start Today

Whether you are looking for a full renovation or just adding a new WOW factor to your front yard for 2018, contact the UNIQUE design team today to begin planning your project. The team’s years of experience and expertise in designing all aspects of custom landscape are sure to provide you with UNIQUE ideas and concepts to update your front yard for the New Year.