Swimming Provides  Rehabilitation After Injuries Swimming Burns Calories Quickly If you are looking for a low impact way to burn calories then swimming is your solution. To put it into perspective, a 160 pound person burns over 420 calories swimming for an hour. That same person would only burn about 300 calories walking for the  Read More

As a pet owner, I can attest to the fact that I am most happy when I know my dog is happy. And when it comes time to enjoy being outdoors, I want to know that my dog is both safe and happy in our yard. This means taking just a little bit of time  Read More

Awaiting an upcoming pool or landscape project can be very excited. There are designs to approve and final details to settle such as paver colors or tile selections. But don’t let your excitement and anticipation cause you to overlook the potentially stressful environment that your pets will be facing during the construction process. Even if  Read More