One of the benefits of living in Phoenix is the rather mild winters we enjoy and only on a very rare occasion is there a hard freeze. With that in mind, an outdoor shower could become a very functional addition to your landscape. In most cases, the space required for an outdoor shower is minimal but there are a surprising number of benefits that most homeowners don’t think of.

Most Obviously, a Shower

Many times homeowners think of an outdoor as a feature at a beach house. But with the very hot summers in Phoenix, it can be very refreshing to step into a quick shower after working in the yard or even just sitting by the pool. In addition, an outdoor shower is a great way to rinse off chemicals after a dip in the pool or spa to eliminate the drying of your skin and the damage they can wreak on your hair. And it’s a great way to eliminate the dirt tracked through the house by children after a day of playing outdoors.

Your Four Legged Friends Best Friend

If you have a large dog, then you know how difficult it can be to get a muddy dog through the house and into the bathroom without leaving paw prints and dirt along the way. But an outdoor shower with a hand wand is a great way to give your dog a quick clean up without any mess indoors. Having a shower with a surround style stall also helps to keep unwilling pets corralled while you get get them cleaned up, which is a big step up from chasing them around the yard with the garden hose. For smaller dogs, an outdoor shower can also be very handy. Holding a small dog or puppy and a garden hose can be a challenge. But turning on an outdoor shower and stepping in with your pet is much easier and safer.

Outdoor Gear Rinse Station

There are many types of sports gear that need to be rinses after a use. But dragging the items such as a surfboard, wet suit or scuba gear out in the yard is not always a viable solution. You end up with grass stuck to the equipment or more dirt splattered on the “clean” equipment than when you started the process. But an outdoor shower offers a clean surface to rinse items and even a place to hang them to dry where drips won’t be an issue.

Be Creative

Outdoor showers can be as simple or as lavish as you would like. I simple rain shower head mounted over a teak or treated wood platform can do the trick. Or you can build an enclosure with a shower head, wand, a bench and even a drain to channel the water to another area of your yard. Wood, stone and tile are all suitable materials and this project gives you the opportunity to stray from your indoor décor and even get a little adventurous if you like.

Talk to a Professional

Adding an outdoor shower to your landscape is a great way to add function to your yard. But there are a few critical design considerations to think about. Your UNIQUE designer will be able to help you select the best location for your shower not only for convenience and privacy but also with consideration for the drainage. Some showers can drain directly into a leach area while others will need to be plumbed to a remote part of the yard or connected to a drain line. Other considerations include the proximity to a water line and the availability of hot water if that is a feature that you are interested in.

But you are certain to find many uses and benefits to your Phoenix outdoor shower. And the professional design and installation by the UNIQUE team will only enhance the quality and function of this addition to your landscape project.