What Is In-Floor Cleaning? An in-floor cleaning system is made up of a series of pop up heads that push the debris in your pool toward the drain. Picture the pop-up sprinkler heads in your yard. Just like your yard sprinklers, these cleaning heads function in groups called zones. Each zone moves the debris closer  Read More

The term “spa” is derived from the town of Spa, Belgium where a curative natural spring was discovered in the 14th century. The word literally means a fountain. In current times though, the term spa is used to describe many types of vessels with warm water used for the purpose of soaking, as well as  Read More

Even a very basic starter landscape is going to be comprised of several different types of plants and ground cover material. In addition, the plants can have different water requirements which can impact the irrigation system in its design as well as the type of controller that best meets all of your needs. With this  Read More