Water Leaks Are Serious Damaged Pool Tile And Coping As you begin to notice cracks and chips in your pool coping, the lip of your pool deck, or your pool tile, it is time to think about a remodel before someone gets hurt. Even small imperfections in the coping and tile can result in cuts  Read More

I Thought My UNIQUE Pool Had A Lifetime Warranty? Reasons To Resurface Your UNIQUE Pool What Is The Warranty On My Pool Interior? Make The Most Of Your UNIQUE Pool Resurfacing Project! When it is time to resurface your pool, our team needs to chip out the existing surface. And while this might sound like  Read More

All of the UNIQUE pool interior options are products which have been created by Wet Edge Technologies. These products include: Satin matrix- This finish is made using a mini pebble which will provide a more smooth finish. This interior surface offers 16 colors to choose from ranging from Polar White to Black Velvet. Pearl matrix-  Read More