A new UNIQUE pool interior can completely change the appearance of your pool. This vivid blue interior completes the feel of relaxing in a private lagoon somewhere in the tropics.

Many homeowners share a common misconception about owning a swimming pool. They are under the impression that aside from a little bit of cleaning and chemical balancing, their swimming pool is a one-time investment. And while most of the significant construction costs are of the one and done variety, there are some aspects of your swimming pool that will need to be updated or replaced after several years of use. And one of the most interesting and exciting updates is resurfacing your swimming pool. This is your opportunity to update or completely change the appearance of your UNIQUE swimming pool.

I Thought My UNIQUE Pool Had A Lifetime Warranty?

Installing a new pool surface requires a great deal of skill and expertise. That is why you should only trust the UNIQUE team to resurface your pool. When we are finished, it will look as beautiful as your original surface and provide years of enjoyment and functionality.

Your first question is likely to be, how long should the interior finish of your UNIQUE pool last? Because you know that you read something about the lifetime warranty on your UNIQUE pool. And while it is true that there is a lifetime warranty on your custom UNIQUE pool, that warranty is on the shell of the pool only. This warranty covered the exterior structure of the pool, including the shotcrete and rebar, but not the interior. Thinking of your pool as you would your home, the lifetime warranty on the pool shell is the same as the warranty on your exterior walls and floors. The builder does not, however, offer a lifetime warranty on the paint on your home or the finish on your hardwood floors.

Reasons To Resurface Your UNIQUE Pool

When your pool is being chipped out during the resurfacing process, you can also change or add other features. How would you like a new waterfall of baja shelf to enjoy this year?

Following that line of thought, there are two reasons to resurface your pool. The first is in the event of damage to the interior surface. This damage could be due to something that was dropped into the pool. The object, such as a heavy piece of furniture or a boulder, might have cracked or gouged the interior. When these accidents occur, you are often left with no other choice but to resurface your pool. The pool interior surface is what protects the pool shell from water damage and deterioration. So when the interior’s waterproof integrity is compromised, it must be replaced as soon as possible.

Other damage to the interior could be due to a long-term water imbalance issue or mineral stains. These issues are preventable with the proper chemical balance in the water. But not all homeowners master this process before there is damage done to their pool interior. To avoid mineral stains and damage to your pool interior due to poorly balanced water chemistry, call 480-969-1911 EXT 228 for a free estimate for professional pool service from the UNIQUE pool service team. 

The other reason many UNIQUE pool owners decide to resurface their pool is that they are interested in changing the appearance of their pool. You might have elected to have your pool surfaced with plaster originally. But now you are ready for an upgrade to PebbleTEC, PebbleSHEEN 3M Quartz, Hydrazzo, Beadcrete, or Polished Pebble. All of these surfaces will provide a completely new look to your existing pool.

What Is The Warranty On My Pool Interior?

While resurfacing your pool will offer a new look and feel, the addition of a waterfall or other water feature will add new impact and beauty to your UNIQUE pool.

At UNIQUE, we provide each pool owner with a pass-through warranty on their pool interior surface. This means that whatever the manufacturer of the interior product offers, we pass that along to our customers. As a general rule, the warranties for our various interiors are as follows:

Plaster/Altima (2 years)

 Luna Quartz (5 years)

 Pearl Matrix/Pebble (15 years)

 Satin Matrix/Mini Pebble (15 years)

 Primera Stone/Polished Pebble (10 years)

 Beadcrete/Glass (5 years)

Make The Most Of Your UNIQUE Pool Resurfacing Project!

The soft blue hue of this pool is reminiscent of the Caribbean Sea. It provides the perfect hint of blue to balance the neutral tones of this color palette. Picture yourself relaxing on a new baja shelf this summer.

When it is time to resurface your pool, our team needs to chip out the existing surface. And while this might sound like a straightforward process, it takes a great deal of skill and expertise to avoid damaging your pool shell. And while we have your pool drained and chipped out, this is the perfect time to add features such as new waterline tile, a baja step, or even convert the depth of your pool. To learn more about your options for other upgrades and renovations to your UNIQUE pool during a resurfacing project, call 480-969-1911 to schedule an appointment with a member of our design team.