All of the UNIQUE pool interior options are products which have been created by Wet Edge Technologies. These products include:

  • Satin matrix- This finish is made using a mini pebble which will provide a more smooth finish. This interior surface offers 16 colors to choose from ranging from Polar White to Black Velvet.
  • Pearl matrix- This finish is made with a larger pebble and offers more texture than the smaller mini pebble in the satin finish. This finish offers over a dozen color selections from soft white to jet black.
  • Luna quartz- This finish contains both glass and naturally rolled tiny pebble material. This interior offers 9 colors to choose from ranging from a light Martinique to a dark Madagascar.
  • Prism matrix- This finish contains both glass and pebble material. This finish is available in over a dozen colors which range from Lapis Blue to Glossy Black.
  • Primera stone- This finish contains a larger amount of glass and less of the small pebble material. This surface is a UNIQUE favorite because of its longevity but also its smoothness. There are over a dozen color variations available for this interior finish ranging from a very light ivory to black obsidian.

As you begin to explore your interior color options, remember that there are several variables which will influence how the color of your pool appears to your eye once it is filled with water.

  1. SIZE AND DEPTH- As a rule, the deeper your pool is the more the water will refract the sunlight. The result of this refraction is that the color appears to be darker and richer. This is the same effect that you notice in the ocean when the shallow water appears to be much lighter in color than “the deep”.
  2. SURROUNDING MATERIALS- In short, the colors which are surrounding your pool will have a specific impact on how you perceive the color of the pool. The colors around your pool cause reflection and will change how your eye sees the color of the water in your pool.
  3. SUNLIGHT- Full sun causes more refraction in the water and highlights the color of the water, more cloudy conditions make the water appear more clear.
  4. WATER CHEMISTRY- Well balanced pool water will appear to be sparkly and crystal clear while improperly balanced pool water will look cloudy. This will have a big impact on how the color of the pool appears.

Viewing pictures of completed pools is a good way to get a general idea of how a finish will appear in a completed pool, but there are always variables which can slightly change the appearance of color. Taking this into consideration when setting your expectations for your pools interior color will help you to be more flexible. It will also help you to understand why you feel that the pool looks perfect on some days and not so perfect on others.