Landscaping is the final phase of completing any outdoor living space. Once the structures are completed and the pool and decking are installed, softscape is the final piece of the design and the one that will have possibly the greatest impact on the overall feel of the space. Your UNIQUE plant palette can create a  Read More

  Even with the hot climate of Phoenix, weeds can be a constant problem if they are not properly controlled. Many HOA’s in the valley fine homeowners for excessive weeds, but weed control still can feel like a never ending battle for homeowners. The solution is a simple two step process that any homeowner can  Read More

  Planning a new landscape palette for your home can be very time consuming if you are looking for perfect plants. As a rule, there are no very colorful, low debris, low water plants that thrive in the heat of the Phoenix and the cooler winter weather, that don’t have thorns and need very little  Read More