Even though the Arizona climate is known as dry heat, Monsoon season is the one wildcard that changes the weather patterns completely. Beginning in mid-June and extending until the end of September, Monsoon season brings high temperatures, high winds and high moisture to the valley. And when all three occur at the same time, the  Read More

Spring in Phoenix is a busy time as we all prepare for the warm months to come. Pools are being cleaned and prepared for the endless hours of enjoyment as are the BBQ grills and outdoor living spaces. But homeowners often forget that spring is also the time to revisit pool safety for both adults  Read More

Awaiting an upcoming pool or landscape project can be very excited. There are designs to approve and final details to settle such as paver colors or tile selections. But don’t let your excitement and anticipation cause you to overlook the potentially stressful environment that your pets will be facing during the construction process. Even if  Read More