Even though the Arizona climate is known as dry heat, Monsoon season is the one wildcard that changes the weather patterns completely. Beginning in mid-June and extending until the end of September, Monsoon season brings high temperatures, high winds and high moisture to the valley. And when all three occur at the same time, the outcome can be disastrous. The high wind will carry a wall of dust and debris across portions of or sometimes the entire valley. And the torrential rain can cause flooding and dangerous mud issues. And while human safety is always your first priority, it is also important to consider the added care that your swimming pool will require after a Monsoon storm. 

Checking the condition of your swimming pool after a Monsoon storm is critical. The faster you remove any debris, the better your filtration system will function. Large branches or other foreign items can begin to disintegrate in the water. These particles will begin to clog your filter system and can also begin to damage the pump if not addressed quickly. A thorough inspection of your pool after Monsoon storms will also alert you to any damage that might have been done to the interior surface from debris or other items that were blown into the pool. Addressing these issues quickly can prevent small issues from turning into major damage over time.

A Tips On Filtration During Monsoon Season

Professional pool service is the best way to eliminate all of your pool related chores during monsoon season and throughout the year. All you will need to do is jump in and enjoy the cool, refreshing water.

Most Monsoon action occurs during the afternoon and early evening in the Phoenix area. It can be very helpful to be proactive about resetting your pool filtration system to run at this time to reduce the build-up of sand and dirt in your pool water. In addition, it is also advised that you increase the run time of your pool filter during Monsoon season. The added dust in the air will continue to permeate your pool water, but extended filtering will help to maintain clean and healthy pool water. You should also be aware that your filter system will require more maintenance and care during Monsoon season. This can mean more frequent backwashing is required or even the complete disassembly of the filter to ensure that it gets properly cleaned and all of the dirt and sand is removed.

Other Monsoon Season Pool Maintenance Tips

Not only will monsoons bring dust to some areas but every pool in the area will also be filled with leaves and debris. Removing all debris quickly will help to keep pool water from turning green from algae growth.

In addition to the actual pool filter, the skimmer basket and pump leaf baskets can become full much faster during Monsoon season. Checking these baskets and emptying them regularly will help to reduce the added strain on the pool filter and on the pump. If a basket becomes completely filled with leaves and other debris, it will stop the flow of water to the pool pump when it is running. When this occurs the pump will quickly burn out as the water is the pumps only source of cooling. At that point, your only option will be replacing the pump which can be a rather expensive repair.

Super Chlorinate After Monsoon Storms

Pools using chlorine or an Ozone system for sanitation should be super chlorinated after a dust storm to help prevent the growth of algae. Use shock with the highest available chlorine content to jump-start the sanitation of the pool water after a storm has deposited dust and dirt into the water. Another proactive step for Monsoon season is to add preventative algaecide and stain preventer. This will make it easier for your pool equipment to maintain clean and healthy water even in the event of a dust storm. It is important to understand that algae feeds on phosphates in your pool water, so it is very important to properly maintain the water chemistry during Monson season to avoid any algae growth. Finally, to ensure that your pool remains algae free and as clean as possible during Monsoon season and throughout the year, contact UNIQUE Pool Service at 480-969-1911 to request a proposal for professional pool service. Our team of technicians will visit weekly to ensure that your pool is ready for you to enjoy, without having to spend your valuable time doing pool chores. Even when you are on vacation, your pool will still be professionally maintained and ready for you to enjoy when you return home.