The past few months have brought about massive changes in the lives of everyone in Phoenix and around the world. We have almost instantly transformed from a society that is always on the move to a more isolated and home-based lifestyle. And while this drastic change has created a great many concerns from the health  Read More

The Benefits Of One-Stop Shopping Most consumers think of one-stop shopping as a means of convenience. It is just less stressful to work with one supplier, store, or salesperson. And that is especially true when you are planning a project as large as the completion of your outdoor living space, swimming pool, and landscape. This  Read More

When Your UNIQUE Swimming Pool Includes a Spa An in-ground spa or a spa that is configured as part of your swimming pool is also covered under your homeowner’s policy to some extent. However, an above ground spa that is portable or self-contained is not real property. It would be covered under the personal property  Read More