For over a decade, potential clients have been asking why they should choose UNIQUE Companies when they are shopping for their swimming pool, outdoor living space, and landscape installation. And the answer that always wins us the job is very simple. When you hire UNIQUE, you are buying a single vision for your outdoor living space. Our dedicated and experienced team of designers has listened to all of your hopes and dreams for your outdoor space, and then integrated all of those features into one design.

We are not selling you a swimming pool and then relying on you to find another company that can create the backdrop of hard and softscape that will complement and complete our swimming pool design. Our team designs, engineers, permits, and constructs every aspect of your outdoor living space. From start to finish, each job is a complete project that flows under the watchful eye of a single job superintendent. Not only does this result in a superior quality finished product, but it eliminates many of the hassles and headaches that you, the homeowner, must deal with during the construction project. 

The Benefits Of One-Stop Shopping

Most consumers think of one-stop shopping as a means of convenience. It is just less stressful to work with one supplier, store, or salesperson. And that is especially true when you are planning a project as large as the completion of your outdoor living space, swimming pool, and landscape. This project is second only to your home in the many decisions, intricate planning, and flow that must be achieved.

When you are working with a UNIQUE designer, that one person will be responsible for designing each aspect of your property, from the swimming pool and spa right down to the location of the smallest plants and light fixtures. And while that massive responsibility might sound nothing short of daunting to you, our team loves this hands-on approach. Each member of the UNIQUE design team has years of experience in all phases of the pool and landscape industry. On average, that experience is just a little bit over 21 years per person, which makes each person well qualified to be your guide through this fun and exciting process. The end result of the hours that you invest in working with your designer is a project that flows with perfect continuity and is true to your UNIQUE style.

You Are Our Client, Not A General Contractor

Working with multiple contractors at your home can be a very stressful situation. Just coordinating the scheduling of concurrent landscape and swimming pool construction can be chaotic. As the homeowner, that job falls to you. And if there are issues with one trade accidentally damaging the work of another, you will feel like the parent of two feuding teenagers as you try to get them to come to a mutually beneficial resolution. In short, it is your responsibility to manage how these competing companies work together to build your outdoor living space, pool, and landscape. That is unless you decide to forego the hassles of managing your outdoor project and allow the UNIQUE team to take this less than desirable task off of your plate.

Throw Away Your General Contractor’s Hat

Every inch of this property works together to create the illusion of some far away, exotic resort. This one design and construction project transformed a piece of Arizona into an oasis in the desert.

At UNIQUE, we know that while you are interested in building your dream backyard. But you want your input to be limited to selecting colors, styles, and materials, not settling disagreements between landscapers, masons, and a shotcrete crew. And the best way to offer you that opportunity is for our company to provide the management for every aspect of your job. We are so committed to this concept that we have obtained not one, or two, but three licenses from the Arizona Registrar of Contractors. We are the only company in the valley to be licensed in pool and spa construction, landscape, and as a general contractor. We handle every aspect of the job from the time you sign a contract with us until the day that we turn over your completed dream oasis to you.

What Is True Full-Service?

According to Merriam-Webster, full service means offering all the necessary or expected services. And that is precisely how UNIQUE defines it as well. Our company provides everything that is needed to design, permit, and construct every aspect of your outdoor space from shade structures to pools, putting greens, and wood-fired pizza ovens. And most importantly, we are licensed by the AZ ROC to provide all of these services to you. To begin planning for your dream outdoor living space, click here or call 480-969-1911 to schedule a free consultation with a member of the UNIQUE design team. We promise that you will quickly begin to see the benefits of working with the premier full-service outdoor construction specialists in Phoenix.