This UNIQUE oasis is the perfect place to enjoy family time now and for years to come. The lazy river and multiple seating areas provide the space that everyone needs to relax and enjoy the afternoon.

The past few months have brought about massive changes in the lives of everyone in Phoenix and around the world. We have almost instantly transformed from a society that is always on the move to a more isolated and home-based lifestyle. And while this drastic change has created a great many concerns from the health and safety of our loved ones, to economic worries, we have also been reminded of some significant facts of life. For some of us, the process has been a refresher lesson, while others are exploring utterly uncharted territory. But the result is that not everything about this pandemic and our post-COVID-19 lifestyle changes is negative. And carrying these UNIQUE thoughts and concepts forward is sure to add to our future and our home life. Some of the most important takeaways include:

The Priceless And UNIQUE Value of Family Time

As the day of sheltering at home stretched to weeks, we all discovered that family time is critical to our mental health. We are not solitary creatures, and enjoying time with family is an essential aspect of each day. And as the walls felt like they were closing in on us, turning to outdoor living space became a necessity. Fresh air, sunshine, and space felt like a treasure. And many homeowners were thankful for the time and money that they had invested in their outdoor fun and relaxation spaces.

Relaxing by the swimming pool, in the spa, or the shade of a Ramada became as much a treat as a vacation to a remote, exotic island in the Pacific. And being able to immerse yourself in nature provided the assurance needed that not everything in the world had disappeared or been altered. The tress sway in the gentle breeze, and birds and butterflies still dance about on the air currents.

Hopefully, you and your loved ones have been enjoying time together outdoors. And you have plans to continue this healthy and gratifying pastime even when the restrictions are relaxed. But if you have discovered that your outdoor living space is lacking or needs a bit of updating, now is the time to begin your plans for the future. Call 480-969-1911 or click here to schedule a free initial consultation with a UNIQUE design specialist. We offer complete construction and installation service for your entire outdoor living space, including:

Each of these items is custom designed to meet your needs, and then constructed by the skilled craftsmen employed by the UNIQUE Companies.

Home Is Your Refuge

In recent months we have all come to look at our homes with a little more respect and affection. Home has become a safe sanctuary. It is the place that you know to be safe and secure for you and your family. Home has become the backdrop for many happy memories and experiences. And it is the place that we want to continue to enjoy for many years to come as the thought of travel still holds much trepidation.

With a little help from the design professionals from UNIQUE, it is easy for you to create a dream oasis right in your own backyard. Outdoor living spaces, fun accessories, and beautiful landscape will provide that feeling of being on vacation each time you step out your backdoor. And the best part is that all of these experiences will be in the place that you and your loved ones feel most protected and relaxed. Just call 480-969-1911 or click here to schedule a free initial consultation with a member of the UNIQUE design team. We are currently offering virtual visits so that we can begin the design process immediately without the need for a visit to your home.

Daily Life Will Move Forward, But In A UNIQUE Manner

Even though it felt like life was grinding to a halt, we have all found ways to move forward during this challenging time. And the key to that progress has been finding UNIQUE ways to use all of the features and space in our homes. Work that was once done at the office is now completed at the kitchen table, on the patio, or maybe in a new or makeshift home office.

Cooking meals has now become part necessity, and part entertainment as the entire family joins in meal prep. And creative families have found that they can “go out to dinner” by merely moving out to the BBQ or wood-fired pizza oven. Never before has it been so rewarding and enjoyable to get the entire family in the outdoor kitchen to create a feast.

Entertainment has also taken on a new meaning. Even tweens and teens are finding that there is a limit to the number of hours one can play video games. Board games, puzzles, and card games are making a comeback in many households. But after hours indoors, families are turning to their backyards to burn off some energy. Playing catch, hide and seek, or tag are all great ways to get the kids outside and active. And as the temperature gets up into the 100s, the swimming pool and splash pad are favorite places to spend an afternoon. If you have found that your outdoor space is lacking these much-needed fun features, reach out to the UNIQUE design pros at 480-969-1911 or click here to schedule a free initial consultation.

Exercise is also an essential part of many people day. But with gyms and many parks closed, it can be tough to get your workout in at home. However, your outdoor living space can provide everything that you need to keep fit until your gym is available. Swimming laps, treading water, water aerobics, and volleyball in the pool are all great ways to get a full-body workout and some cardio fitness. You can also turn to yard work for a little strength and endurance training. Or for milder exercise, light gardening is a great way to keep mobile and fit.

The key to staying off the couch and active during these months at home and in the future is a great outdoor space. And the best way to update or renovate your outdoor living space begins with a call to 480-969-1911. The UNIQUE design pros have decades of experience and expertise in designing complete outdoor spaces, including swimming pool and spa combos, outdoor cooking and dining spaces, outdoor entertainment spaces, and landscaping that will provide the beauty and privacy that you want for your property.