With the holidays quickly approaching, homeowners are focused on holiday parties, gifts and simply surviving through these next few hectic weeks. It is certainly fair to say that very few people are thinking about their swimming pool in December. But this is actually the perfect time to be thinking about your pool if it is in need of a remodel or resurfacing. You might have notices small chips in your pool surface or even some stains that look like rust, both of these are good indications that it’s time to consider resurfacing your pool interior.

Resurfacing your pool is a relatively simple process of chipping out the old surface and then reinstalling a new surface. But this is also the best time to consider any additional upgrades that you might like to complete at the same time. Not only is it more cost effective to complete all of the work at one time but it is also less stressful completing the work in the wintertime when no one is eagerly awaiting the completion of the project to escape the 100 degree plus temperature.

RESURFACING-You can have your current surface chipped out and replaced with the same material or you might want to think about a newer surface such as PebbleTech or PebbleSHEEN surface. Other options for an upgrade include 3M Quartz, Hydrazzo, Beadcrete and Polished Pebble.

WATERLINE TILE-If you have noticed staining at the waterline on your pool’s plaster or pebble surface then you might want to consider upgrading to waterline tile when you are remodeling or resurfacing your pool. Not only does this add a great custom look to the pool but it is also much easier to keep clean and looking great. There are many styles and types of tile that you can choose from to complete a new look for the coming pool season.

ADD A NEW FEATURE-When your pool is getting chipped out you can also add a new feature such as a bench, step or even a waterfall! And now that it is cold, have you been wishing that you had a spa as well as a pool? Adding a spa during your pool renovation is the perfect holiday gift for the entire family. Next year when it is too cold to swim you will still be able to relax and enjoy the warm water of your new spa.

NEW EQUIPMENT-No one wants to think of the dreaded pool equipment replacement. But it is far better to replace older equipment in the winter time when the pool is not in use. Nothing is worse than going outside during the heat of the summer to discover that your pool equipment has failed and your pool is quickly beginning to look like a swamp. You might also want to consider a few updates which can offer more efficient function of your equipment and can also add some cool new features. Colored lighting, in-floor cleaning systems and salt water chlorinators are just a few of the options that you can select. And most new equipment can be operated or monitored through your home automation system or with a remote control.

It seems to be a law of nature that mechanical items break down at the most inopportune times. But you can avoid several weeks of suffering, and the added pain of enduring the suffering of your children, with no pool in the heat of a Phoenix summer. Think about getting your pool updated now so that it is ready and waiting for that first 100 degree day of 2018. And while you are getting all of the necessary updates and repairs made, also consider adding a few new features to make next summer even more enjoyable for you and the entire family.